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Fitness expert to see me seeking fitness program did not have problems

qd8141372010-02-10 01:02:21 +0000 #1
I am a bit thin, no effort, in recent years, plagued by disease, in order to change this situation I would start his own fitness, has insisted for two weeks, but it is said to exercise good abnormal muscles will it? be better to invite expert eye view of it, busy during the day can only be home at night I do it themselves, no equipment

The following is:

sit-ups (every day, so, doing knee and lower leg in the bed perpendicular to the ground outside, his hands on the bottle neck of the location of Canada, primarily to increase the weight, made entirely of lumbar strength to do. a 10 +, do 3-4 groups) in each group break 1 minute

push-ups (every day, so , 5 seconds, a comparison standard, a 10 +, do 3-4 group)

chin-up (every other day to do. a 3-4, making 3-4 groups) mainly depends on the day of the呵呵
to mention physical buckets (one every other day to do so, to mention a similar dumbbell, relying on two muscles to do a 10 +, do 3-4 group)

cough is not running now and then to continue to do .. and so on rehabilitation

so training methods there will be a problem? have any suggestions Mody? Thank you

I am 22 years old

lying land such as Apricot2010-02-10 01:10:10 +0000 #2
Louzhu described under "relatively thin, no effort, in recent years, plagued by disease" and therefore not recommended for too much strength training, remember, not a bite to eat fat to.

Specific plans to vary, it is recommended you search the web for your next fitness magazine, called "Cool Magic Man", though only two out, but there were a lot of daily exercise of the live demonstrations, simple but very effective,

looking forward to an early Louzhu a healthy body oh



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