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Roller skating can promote tall do

Tears of remorse 072010-02-19 14:10:42 +0000 #1
Chinese roller skating can promote the growth or the impact on the physical development of ah?
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enhance physical coordination and balance

First of all, roller skating exercise on body balance, flexibility, emergency response capacity and thinking are very helpful. The body's balance and coordination functions mainly by the nervous system flexibility, excitement, inhibit conversion capacity constraints, the human nervous system is the development of the earliest and the fastest systems in the world, so children can play roller sensitive period of development of the nervous system as early as possible exercise of central nervous system function, so that the coordination of body movements, flexible, soft and strong, it makes you a lifetime. Skating there are fat burning effects, they would prevent the symptoms of childhood obesity.

Exercise joint support capabilities and flexibility

Play skating when the knee, ankle forced the need for appropriate support for the body, complete support, sliding, turning etc, and this is their ability to support joint flexibility, in particular, have a good training effect. There is a problem for the elderly fall survey showed that the ankle support capacity and flexibility are key factors to prevent falls. Thus, whether children, adolescents and adults can benefit through the roller.

Full-body aerobic exercise can improve wholeheartedly

correctly skating movement, in fact, can make your wholehearted have been improved, because the skating itself is a whole body aerobic exercise, one has already mastered the basic skills of skating movements, who In skating, when heart rate would reach 120 beats / min of the "effective exercise heart rate." At the same time skating process, waist, hip, thigh, ankle muscles are in force, and technology as well, will use reasonable arm to strengthen the body's balance and enhance the sliding effect, so that even the upper chest muscles get exercise, therefore, Roller Skating is in line with the basic elements of aerobic exercise.

In general, the maximum oxygen consumption skating (a measure of exercise intensity baseline) is running 90 percent to maintaining the best intensity aerobic exercise is effective. According to research found that to maintain 23 km / h when the speed of wheel slip measured heart rate is the number of maximal heart rate of 74%, which is typical of aerobic exercise, can achieve enhanced cardiovascular and fat burning effects. The acceleration to 28 km / hour, heart rate will reach 85% of the maximum heart rate, this time can improve muscle endurance. The pulley through continuous movement, should be able to bring the body to adjust to the best state.

Injury risk for the elderly is also suitable for small

Of course, if from the perspective of the development of cardiorespiratory endurance, skating is definitely worse than jogging or brisk walking, research has shown, the same time, roller sports and running compared to energy expenditure and cardio-pulmonary does not affect the function and running. But the skating injury is less than running the joints, especially it has the fun and flexibility exercise effects on the body more easily than people interested in running and easy to adhere to.

Because skating when stepping caused by wheel rotation, using polyurethane wheels made of the impact of the flexibility of the joints is very small, so the elderly is also suitable for this sport. Wear a helmet and protective gear, were injured after the fall risk is relatively small.

Not only that,

skating to cultivate people's will and entrepreneurial spirit conducive to good psychological quality and development of children, for adults, through the skating movement, can duck the pressure, pleasant mood, relax, have a leisure and fitness dual role.

Play skating injured, how to deal with?

LIANG Wei-guo made the following guidance: If it is soft tissue sprain, should be within 24 hours with ice, while the injured parts to brake, available elastic bandage to minimize bleeding; if it is a fall leading to pain, and there can not be weight-bearing the case, then there may be a fracture, in which case will have to be specialized hospital for examination and treatment; if it is ligament damage, it must be too early for activities, so as to avoid ligament relaxation, easy to lead to habitual sprain.


Do not wear roller shoes on the road

LIANG Wei-guo reminder, skating enthusiasts should note the following:

First of all, making skating well before the first "warm-up." In addition to the warming-up light, slowly sliding, the pull ligaments, activities, hip, knee and ankle joints is essential, at least for 5 to 10 minutes before it can really be ligaments, joints open.

Second, the movement of the protection gear is also essential, because the roller will inevitably fall, to protect their body does not hurt. Especially children and teenagers playing skating, it is best to wear protective equipment.

In order to brace the knee the most important, whether a beginner or expert skating knee is likely to fall when you touch the ground the highest, most vulnerable to the impact of the site; helmet is also very important, there are too many people often wear helmets or head trouble are not flexible, but not with a helmet is very dangerous, if falls head positions are most in need of protection, inadequate protection, often cause very serious injury. In many Western countries, do not wear protective gear for skating are subject to punishment.

Third, we should choose a secure site. Do not in the driveway, where passers-by to play a lot of skating, we must choose relatively flat ground, potholes uneven, there are slopes, there is water, oil sticky roller surface is not suitable.

Fourth, as when playing roller waist, knee, ankle support required physical exertion, the time is too long, these parts easily localized overload occurs strain, and even affect the normal development of bones, leading to lower limb bending, deformation and so on. So, now at an important stage of growth and development of children, not playing skating too long.

Children and Adolescents and the elderly, the best time for skating daily 50 minutes or less; young people to not exceed 90 minutes. Recommended after exercise to do finishing skating activities, such as easy jogging, stretching limbs, stretch pull ligament.

Fifth, the complex movements while good-looking, but not suitable for beginners to do. Only under the guidance of professional teachers have mastered the moves essentials in order to try to do some difficult moves.



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