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How to clear out within five months training the abdominal muscles? Anxious master into

back to y1 is like the Sea2010-02-19 16:11:08 +0000 #1
how to clear out within five months of training six abdominal muscles? Master warning, the method has to be practical, it is best tried in person, and at the same time how to exercise chest muscle, increasing the thickness of chest, thank you not afraid of hardship can be effective if only, note: I have students, there must be a reasonable time schedule
vvbvchetong2010-02-19 16:26:56 +0000 #2
can you suffer? That is no problem - will become very simple. Abdominal training should be the worst place. What one could start with sit sit-ups to practice what ventrolateral oblique moves the plug one - can be flat-side leg lift can also rise. Or the time to do sit-ups can also be added in the chest behind the back put the weight of dumbbells for film. Note that the feeling of waist - calling such relatively easily cut waist. These are a few simple actions - there is a good move to retreat back lying on the ground planes at right angles to back moves to lift as much as possible to be even slower breathing. Recommendation 3 The following is rather difficult to be effective classical action .1 supine leg raise. Lying in bed or floor mat on the back close to the bed (or ground), upper body fixed bed hands clenched, his legs while on the move, while down, repeated several times.

2 supine leg raise Deng Ju. Lying in bed or floor mat on the back close to the bed (or floor); the same time holding his legs, so legs stay in the air, and in the air, doing a bicycle pedal motion, repeated several times.

3V from two words, also known as plug-in effect. Hands and feet at the same time raising enough to try a hand to foot.

Focus on the point of hanging leg raise - when this action is very good! Must be practiced.

Other details show that you can look at this video this did not I say that hanging leg raise - and he began to practice the oblique abdominal wall hanging Ju Leg - Baidu picture where you hit a hanging leg raise can not see the see! Is straight forward to play - not Waizhao on - you look at the bar! This action is difficult to good effect! I also recently trained abdominal muscles! Contact fitness a year now in order to train the abdominal muscles lost 10 pounds! Refueling Brothers! Training a beautiful abs! QQ289790132 to explore a fascinating abdominal training together! ! !加油!
King King 8882010-02-19 16:54:32 +0000 #3
to the gym to spend some money for fitness instructors to give you out in a fitness program
386,717,3512010-02-19 16:56:18 +0000 #4
could be off here, things may not啦have barbells, dumbbells, and other equipment to the stomach did not use these exercises every other day one. Once an hour Bar

10 sit-ups the next there is a group of 12 I do not know What's your name only know that the famous muscle movements + Q414137416



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