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The latter part of the brain stem the movement to restore what are the best? ? ?

2wcheng20092010-02-19 18:10:42 +0000 #1

Lin Xi _02010-02-19 18:24:14 +0000 #2
the beginning of the initiative to do deep breathing and simple movements, focusing on the side of hemiplegic limbs stretching movements: shoulder abduction, upper stretch, bend lower limbs. Sports gap with pillows, wooden maintain limb function spaces, to prevent upper limb flexion, foot drop and other deformities. Can be gradually increased to sit, stand, walking exercises, correct gait to walk upstairs and downstairs. Attention to strengthening protection against falls and other accidents. Upper limb functional activity, the initial recovery, the emphasis on doing climbing walls, grasping put items, disc sports such as walnut, strengthening self-care ability to exercise: meals, grooming, wear strip and so on. Has further improved to allow writing, knitting, gardening, etc. of therapy.



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