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How to practice standing long jump - training plan -100 min

kb24shi2010-02-19 18:10:48 +0000 #1
2.45 entrance exam to compliance - I did 2.20-1.78-weight 70KG. Hope that cheese they help me to develop a training program - the best science points
Game Ren rooms2010-02-19 18:13:58 +0000 #2
to the provide you with a little bit of experience, compliance is not difficult.

Each practice before jogging, the standard is the body sweating. Feel all warm the body (especially in winter), and then stretch the leg ligament, the activities of the waist. At the beginning down to business practice.

2 2 methods you select a first, second, jumping stairs is a stair step leapfrog

(a leap of several Ishidan, with the increase in the number of training will be more and more)

that leapfrog For example: each one should use the full jump, jumping when the heart not to think of the long jump, to ensure that a certain very high, fall to the ground from jumping around the moment the second time. A group of no less than eight (Of course, this ability to look at you now), when you jump in the leg sour, stopped to use the full sprint run, try to raise the thigh. If space is limited and rest, stretching ligaments and slapped their thighs legs. The first training jump 4-6 Group on the rest,

have to relax the muscles after exercise, that is, stretching and tapping to avoid excessive accumulation of lactic acid. (Every other day to practice once) for a month, there is a qualitative leap, probably will be able to compliance. You can try.

And then continue to maintain a trained habit of improving the physical or the play is good,

the last say: Physical examination in compliance, you should not take too much notice, will be adopted. (Lie to you is a pig)
fjxmsyl4562010-02-19 18:17:42 +0000 #3
word every two days, each three groups, a group of 30 leapfrog.

This month, ensure that you have 2.45

If you start jumping less than 30, you start with 10, 15 slowly began, each of several multi-hop
691.4859 million2010-02-19 19:24:03 +0000 #4
1 month increased by 20

30 cm, to you have a daily training program, you can according to their own situation (space, equipment, time) to arrange. 1. Multi-level leapfrog × 3 groups (typically 10), the main purpose: to enhance leg strength, jumping ability continuous exercise. 2. Squat jumps × 3 groups (n = 20 or above), requests your feet and shoulders parallel squat until thighs parallel with the ground, quick jump. Main objectives: to enhance leg strength, joint strength, exercise capacity take-off. 3. Jump deep × 10 group, two jump lid, placed 2 meters apart, standing in one of the top, jump down, fall to the ground quickly jump, jump to another. Asked jump jump quickly fall to the ground. Can be based on your actual situation and adjust the distance between the box horse box horse height. Main objectives: to enhance leg strength exercises quick leaping ability. The key to quality, even!!

Standing long jump, long jump technique must first understand and then make targeted exercises, so that progress can be faster. Standing long jump, summed up the gist of three pre-swing: feet around the opening, and shoulder width, arms front and rear swing, the former swing, the legs straight, back swing, the knees, lower center of gravity, upper body slightly forward, hands swinging back as far as possible. Highlights: upper and lower extremity movement coordination, swing down when the focus of Qu Yi Shen 2, upper body slightly forward.
ailetiansun2010-02-19 19:38:04 +0000 #5
placed in an open space a few benches, jump stool practice, slowly increase the number of stools, and thus can improve the jump distance! A good operation is very simple!
wonderkismet2010-02-19 19:01:21 +0000 #6
no entrance exam to worry



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