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I do not speak for the practice of yoga, you can do at home, their own practice? There is no danger

聴_伱のheartbeat2010-02-19 20:10:03 +0000 #1

Need for Blue Mountain wyq2010-02-19 20:24:00 +0000 #2
Slimming Yoga: My school is "Jing Li," slimming yoga, two and a half months lost 20 pounds and did not rebound. Yoga on the gas, one of God demanding their own practice at home, easily lead to injury due to improper actions or actions not in place to do exercise in futility.

Yoga require fasting, not eating 2 hours before and after practice. Every time we practice time is 1 hour and a half - two hours. The beginning of time, not too long

fall enough power, the winter weather is cold when it should apply. And then there are Japanese-style worship, in prayer before Japanese-style meditation into the quiet, combined with abdominal breathing. Neck movement, etc., or relax the body, the activities of prevention and treatment of open joint sprain that's okay.

Sometimes the body is very tight, slowly.
xxisatc2010-02-19 20:20:45 +0000 #3
followed by television with the school, do not force themselves to do not do the action



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