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Strange, why break a period of time to practice but there rose up the muscles feel?

horacejackson2010-02-19 20:10:22 +0000 #1
I was in mid-November 2009 came into contact with fitness, the beginning is a simple dumb-bell and the election every day to go up a break once a week, but did not feel anything after the Lian Wan on the feeling of arms are sour.

10 years before New Year's Day at home and rest 3 days Zaiqu exercise, strange, and only went for four groups clearly felt on the biceps are up up feeling, so cool.

Please indicate my problem. No copy of the minutes.
Screw Clockwork Bird2010-02-19 20:20:14 +0000 #2
a day to stimulate the same set of muscles is clearly the wrong approach.

Caused by the continuing burden of muscles, inhibit hormone secretion, easy accumulation of lactic acid.

Muscle endurance will decrease fatigue.

The correct approach is sufficient to stimulate the full rest. A group of muscle stimulation is in place should be given an adequate rest. Theory, 24-48 hours a small muscles and large muscles 48-72 hours. Actual operation for a week you should only stimulate the same set of muscles once. And then also to ensure a rest day. In order to muscle growth opportunities.

Remember that muscle growth is not in the gym, but outside in the gym, especially during sleep.

Also, an exercise will not take more than 1 hour, high-intensity, fast end. Body energy supply shortage, the protein will be involved for the energy, this was a muscle injury.
France g sun2010-02-19 20:29:49 +0000 #3
General adhere to one-month fitness, muscle absolutely responsive, this time the muscles began to grow, there rose up the feeling that you diet to keep up with the beginning fitness when the muscles acid, then the next day, they to rest to non-acid continue exercise, too much fatigue is not good results, and proper rest will help alleviate fatigue, promote muscle growth, I suggest you rest and fitness before and after the time to do relaxation exercises. My fitness for two years, beginning like you have a feeling there will not be used to slowly aching feeling!

Finally I wish you success!
newdiver2010-02-19 21:19:22 +0000 #4
up note is the biceps muscle training in place. . Hyperemia response. . .

Train out of this feeling to continue on, president of the muscles. .



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