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Will it help to increase the weight of dumbbell exercises muscles

Miu Tree2010-02-19 20:11:21 +0000 #1
I am now home Nafu is 10KG / deputy, and now, each doing 10, a total of 12 groups to do long persevered after the body had a vague outline of the muscles appeared , that is, block little obvious, is it weight enough?

Urge exercise expert pointing
solomonqq2010-02-19 20:17:57 +0000 #2

It seems that you want is muscle circumference, that is, increased muscle啦.

So, increasing the weight of muscle is large, multi-group, low frequency, according to this principle is to increase muscle circumference啦.

I do not know to what extent you are strong, if you are tall at 1.75, weight 70 kg, then, 10KG dumbbell did a little a bit. In addition, the training is allocated as such: a site, no more than twice a week training, for example, you do dumbbell biceps curl to train, then train twice a week, doing 4-6 per group, each of Group do 8-12 times, this is to increase muscle circumference of the way, I guess, the reason why you can do 12 sets, and the dumbbells are too light a relationship, if the dumbbell weight was suitable, so at least six groups have very're wrong ! !

You can be a test, you use one arm to be a pilot, you do curl, making four groups, each doing 8-12 times, if each group to do a curl the last time, just to do almost exhausted (Note that exactly! In other words, no more to do a hammer curl is), then the weight of the dumbbell is suitable for you, so after some time, if you have been very easy to complete this intensive training, then , and then add a little dumbbell weight. So, choose the best multi-chip-style dumbbells, and add dumbbells tablets more convenient.

There is a break between each group and each group of a maximum of not more than one and a half minutes, never resting for a long time interval, if you long interval, even if you can do 50 a morning group, have not focused on the effects of training好. Because that will reduce the concentration of muscle stimulation, fail to effect.

Last is to look at nor eat, one-third of training, and seven parts to eat! Eat more chicken, lean beef, eggs, which helps muscle repair and growth! To increase muscle circumference will be very obvious.

Thank you!
King King 8882010-02-19 20:54:03 +0000 #3
fritters training the muscles to do to participate in Fast food restaurants contest! As long as the work of deep, iron bars, ground into a needle, Who can not?



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