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The effectiveness of a club star who more than a decade

the upper hand will struggle2010-01-20 13:01:56 +0000 #1
2009-09-21 22:06 supplementary question

more than a decade the effectiveness of a club star who
mix08182010-01-20 13:11:33 +0000 #2
Italian teams are more.

The great Paolo Maldini No. 3 Nerazzurri captain Javier Zanetti, zebra Prince Piero.

Of course, the Red Devils, Ryan Giggs
angel_sun2010-01-20 13:24:50 +0000 #3
I know:

Maldini in AC Milan, more than 10 years have passed; there Giggs at Manchester United more than 10 years have passed; Raul at Real Madrid is also a very long time, a; Alessandro Del Piero at Juventus over 10 season.
Zezheng2010-01-20 13:28:41 +0000 #4
players such as well-known and the unknown is simply too much .....

1:拉菲尔莫雷Nuo Alan Zadi (Athletic Bilbao) 1911 - 1921

For those fans outside of Spain, the very few people have heard of拉菲尔莫雷Nuo Alan Zadi name, but when people referred to his nickname: 'Pichichi (Picicci) when the Almost everyone will immediately think of the Spanish football league was on a series of brilliant but a great record, in a very long period of time, if there is a striker known as a 'Pichichi, then prove that the striker is the whole of Spain the best killer of.

In the Alanzhadi Athletic Bilbao effect for 10 years, he played a total of 170 times on behalf of the team, scored an astonishing 200 goals, with an average of at least playing Having scored per game. As he will every game wearing a white jewelry debut, so he is always on the court most likely was identified out of the players, but also because he was in front of the extraordinary sense of smell, he was almost always the most pitch shining star.

But unfortunately, the great star is premature death due to typhus disease infestation, Elanzhadi at 29 years old completely left the love of his fans. Bilbao Athletic Club in recognition of his team's loyalty and contribution to the team outside of his home set up a statue, so far it is still being preserved integrity. Many of Spain's veteran players have said that if he was able to live longer on a number, then the Spanish track on the record of those great goals will continue to be rewritten.

In 1953, the Spanish newspaper "Marca" To commemorate Elanzhadi specifically for him in the league which set up a special award - Picicci Award, this award will be presented to each league a year into the Most ball players, in Spain, the people are known as top scorer.

2: Paolo Maldini (AC Milan) 1985 - 2009

If in such a list can not find the name of AC Milan legend Paolo Maldini, it is simply an unforgivable thing. He has a near-perfect physical condition, complete loyalty to the AC Milan as well as football games endless love, recalling his life experience of a professional player, he can be called history's greatest left-back.

From January 1985, 17-year-old Maldini completed his debut in AC Milan beginning to February 2009, he has played 900 times on behalf of AC Milan, in this 24-year period, he was almost and 5 on behalf of the players were fighting hand to hand, but he can at any time and anywhere in the world compared to a great defender. In the football world, able to do this I believe it was only Maldini has.

7 Serie A league titles, five Champions League titles, on behalf of 126 national team appearances, Paolo Maldini's career is more than just perfect by such figures as consistent, but they are behind, you can imagine they are completely out of a tall and sacred soul. In recognition of his contribution, AC Milan after the club decided to retire Maldini, forever sealed his No. 3 jersey, the one in order to use this action to prove his gratitude to the team, but also do not want other players because of wearing this shirt brought too much pressure, after all, no one piece of clothing do not know how the great masters.

24 years, a lot of the players almost two lifetimes football career, but even the 08-09 season was Maldini's final year in football, he is still like the first time entered the soccer field and as diligently. In mid-February 2009 that the Milan derby, Inter Milan 1 Inter Milan fans in the fan camp, which held up a banner, although the flag from AC Milan's biggest rival, but that if the above is that best Paolo Maldini on behalf of all fans of the great personality of his vision, which was written: Paul, although it has been 20 years, you are our rivals, but I have to brave to tell you, in my eyes, you will always be a were the real warriors.

3: Column Fu Yaxin (Dynamo Moscow) 1949 - 1971

Fu Yaxin ride out the pitch in almost a quarter of a century, he is the best goalkeeper in the world. In that era, goalkeeper has not been so protected by so many, for the time keeper, the risk of collision exists in the game every time, but if being hit, you have to complain, they are all in such a context, born out of that brave and determination of Yassin.

Of his life are played for Dynamo Moscow club, on behalf of the team that he played a total of more than 300 of the Russian league, with an excellent play at the club where he won a total of three times on behalf of the former Soviet Union the opportunity to participate in the World Cup , which in 1958, he was elected the best team. Some people say that Yassin's personal honor and career are too little to honor the team, but so far there is still no where to break the Yassin goalkeeper saved a penalty goalkeeper record of 150, light it, he should be in the world football forever remember.

In 1994, that is, four years after Yassin's death, FIFA World Cup, which for him in the establishment of a special awards: Yassin Award, each subsequent session of the World Cup will be awarded the best goalkeeper of the generals, the same year, he also named the best international football team in the 21st century.

If want to Yassin's football career to prepare a brief summary, it should almost be like this: This is what a goalkeeper, he never conceded his own angry, this is what kind of a goalkeeper, he will always so calming. No matter what he received, whether he is looking forward to what he always will be its own label to the football that most easily overlooked, and he let all the world's goalkeeper had to re-have the honor, and he let people come to believe that any football player can create a great legend.

4: Ryan Giggs (Manchester United) 1991 - Now

When Giggs in his student days on the choice of effects, rather than England, Wales, when not many people will think this decision at the time of this great player will bringing the future of so many regrets, but unfortunately not only Ryan Giggs, for those who prefer waiting for four years, and then wait for the world's best players at the same stage in terms of performance fans, always can not see Ryan Giggs figure Similarly, they sad.

But while there is no way Ryan Giggs in the international arena to show their skills, but by virtue of his outstanding performance at the club, he still can become the generation of modern football history, a great man. He has a midfield player in almost all technologies, the most familiar of the winger in his position, he has almost no ability to belong to this planet, in the great history of the club Manchester United, Ryan Giggs has never been like this players, Ryan Giggs has never had such a position a player can have is the Welsh set a precedent, is that he has a new style to the Red Devils to import multiple blood.

If someone wants a complete record of the days of Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson, then the story of Ryan Giggs will be able to be the best footnote, because in any one brilliant behind Ferguson, Ryan Giggs has always can see shadow or at the Ryan Giggs lifted the trophy every side, always can see Sir Alex Ferguson's smile, so when Ryan Giggs is already a 35-year-old when Ferguson not only gave him a one-year contract extension but the hope that he will forever remain in their side, like the medieval knights, as the service life of Manchester United.

550 continues repeatedly played the record, 10 league titles and two Champions League trophies, as well as 92,93 years, the world's best young football players honor is not necessarily the end of Manchester, he was enjoying the warmth of the sun at the same time, is also experiencing the history of England, the club never had a legend, of course, precisely because he was too successful career, Manchester United is also a further next year, an unprecedented experience of the big trouble: in the end who can replace Giggs?

5: Raul Gonzalez (Real Madrid) 1994 - Now

Some of the players as if born to a team was born, and some of the team as if their lives are waiting for the emergence of a player, this team is Real Madrid, and this person is Raul Gonzalez. In the feelings of ownership, after 15 years, Raul seems to have become synonymous with Real Madrid, in this complex and full of temptations football era, Raul used his 15-year professional football career, notes the definition of the word loyalty.

In Real Madrid, he almost led the team all the historical records, he was the team scoring the most players in history to participate in Champions League the highest number of players, Champions League scorer in history, while at the same time has been three years not represented in the national team appearances, but he still is by far the most goals the history of the Spanish team player, even though they have 31-year-old old, he still continues to dominate this season Real Madrid striker List. He was always the captain of Real Madrid, and his kiss is the ring can be a way to celebrate the memory of an era.

Just like last week, Raul Alfredo Di Stefano to break the scoring record, the Real Madrid coach Ramos said: "We may have to wait a lifetime to wait for a similar player like Raul appeared."

Raul's future lie? He seems to continue to ride on the pitch, his wisdom is enough to make him an outstanding football coach, and his leadership can also make him the club's President, but no matter how to choose Raul, who believe that only the future will be at Real Madrid.

6: franco and Siketuodi (Rome) 1992 - Now

Francesco Totti in Rome, the meaning of the Real Madrid like Raul, he was able to become a symbol of Rome, not only because he was is the top scorer in the history of Rome, but also because he is a Roma player in franchise history, on behalf of the national team played the highest number of players, as an elegant shooter, many of his style of play is unique in his career, He had had more than one opportunity to travel to a better club to win more titles, but the reality has proved that his heart belongs to Rome.

Since Totti's mother club of the AC club's invitation, and let his son stay in the Italian capital, Totti on here for some great legend, in every corner of the city seems to have felt the care Di incomparable charm.

Even now, there are many people are talking about Francesco Totti, if such a move to a club like AC Milan, he will not only achieve so much success now. But on behalf of the 527 games played in Rome, as well as the 213 goals scored by no means certain kinds of money or trophy can be changed. Fact that now, Totti is still only 32 years old, he can refresh himself in Rome to continue to maintain a number of records.

7: Santiago Bernabeu (Real Madrid) a player :1912 - 1927

Coach Age :1927 - 1936, the President Age :1943 - 1978

so that the effectiveness of a lifetime whom you have decided to place your named the team's home, which is what a honor, but in the world to achieve this level of football, and only the legendary Real Madrid: Santiago Bernabeu.

Bernabeu will be among the 66-year life of Our Time all the dedicated team, in the glory of a century behind Real Madrid, you can easily find a myriad of footprints left at the Bernabeu, where he boarded with brilliant goals to help Real Madrid summit He uses the wisdom of teaching to help young people thrive, persistent belief that he used to help the Spanish football out of the shadow of the Spanish Civil War.

As a shooter, a lot of people think that in his 16-year football career, into a total of more than 1000 goals, but also in the 20th century, the Spanish football because of the war 50 years the brink of collapse when it led the Bernabeu People re-engineering of the soccer ball industry.

As Real Madrid's President, he also participated in the creation of the European Champions Cup, and follow along with Real Madrid won the first five sessions of Champions League winner, in his leadership, the team successfully introduced a large number of world-renowned talented players, including Puskas and Di Stefano.

If we want to find one in the world with the Bernabeu as famous characters, then it was only Manchester United's Sir Matt Busby could be comparable with, andHowever, when FIFA select the best club Real Madrid as the 20th century, when people already know who is the great man that most people admire.

8: Uwe Schiller (Hamburg) 1953 - 1972

Uwe Schiller Although the period of the entire West Germany, one of the greatest shooters, but in Germany, his name has always been forgotten盖尔德穆勒with Jurgen Klinsmann in the middle, but his loyalty to a club as well as future generations are inspired by all the shooters throughout the world football can match.

Followed his father's footsteps, Uwe Schiller, his entire 19-year professional football career, I have dedicated Hamburg, on behalf of the team that he played a total of 476 times, scored an astonishing 404 goals, 50, 60's Bundesliga has been very fierce, so Uwe Schiller, a goal almost every game so that all incredible achievement, but on behalf of the West German national team competition process, he also maintained an average of a goal every two games achievement.

In his career, he participated in four World Cup (1958,1962,1966,1970), of which three are based on his play in his capacity as captain. Because of his brave performance on the pitch, the German fans for him to take a cordial nickname "Uns Uwe" (our Uwe). Whom he played for clubs in Hamburg, is in his life, after retiring as he built a "Uwe foot" sculpture, which pairs of magic feet will never Zhezhi a long history of guarding the German club.

9: Giuseppe Bergomi (Inter Milan) 1980 - 1999

with AC Milan have Paolo Maldini, like Inter Milan also have their own living legend - Giuseppe Bergomi. From 1980 to 17-year-old Bergomi for the first time entered the stadium began to followed by nearly 20-year career, which, this tenacious defender are the most solid Italian football giants Inter Milan played 758 times on behalf of the record still no one can break, and he never jumped to the court's awareness that this is to allow people to admire how the advent of football evergreen.

While the Bergomi era Inter Milan without their city rivals AC Milan is more powerful, but the captain of the Nerazzurri will always remain in the 19-year career, three times won the League Cup, and led the Inter Milan won 88-89 Troika Serie A soccer league championship season.

In the Italian national team, he also by virtue of his loyalty and perseverance, most of whom later became a respected star, and his masterpiece is undoubtedly the World Cup finals in Spain in 1982, the then 19 year-old Bergomi described with a near-perfect defense so that when the session of the game's biggest hot Having scored Germany's only play, but the Italians eventually won the score to 3:1 in the World Cup.

In fact, aside Bergomi those great personal honor aside, just for his Inter Milan for 19 years of dedication quiet enough to let him comparable to Inter Milan player in the history of the greatest Giuseppe Meazza, but looking at the Bergomi years, he will never want to be his name together with the Giuseppe Meazza, because Meazza was starting from his childhood began to worship idols, and even today he still think so.

10: Bill McNeil (Celtic) 1957 - 1975

as Great Britain's most hard-line club of the most courageous captain, Bill McNeil and his entire 20th century Celtic 60 years in Scotland, or the whole of Europe are the most difficult to be defeated by the team.

Even now, the Scottish local fans can still talk about a lot to you about how the Bill McNeal led the Celtics in Lisbon, Portugal, defeating the then all-powerful king of Italy, Inter Milan, Bill McNeil holding trophies, pictures of his return to Scotland is to become a totem of the Celtic eternity.

In the Celtic team that is full of medieval knights, Bill McNeil has played a role in emotional godfather, he will always know what their teammates when needed most what kind of guidelines, Celtics coach Stan long as we know Bill McNeal in the field, you can rest assured that smoking cigars in the court below, but for those with Bill McNeal in terms of bit defender, encounter such a formidable competitor may have to give You'll never regret the Celtics selected as the opponent.

In addition to 67 years, and that a championship trophy, Bill McNeil, the Scottish national league among the achievements even more amazing, from 1966 to 1974, he helped the team won 9 consecutive Scottish Football League champion career, he played a total of more than 800 times on behalf of the team.

In the two spent a successful coaching career, Bill McNeil, now this is a Celtic team ambassador, and his name will forever be the most shining symbol of Celtic .

11: Tony Adams (Arsenal) 1983 - 2002

Natiao legend on the Arsenal defense, many people still seem to remember now, it is a truly full of memories and history of the defense portfolio . Lee Dixon, Nigel Winter's book, History of Difubode these names seem to never be cleaned by time, but their names above, but there will always be a proud figure in Arsenal Gengrang: Tony Adams.

As a captain's captain, Adams played a full season, the captain of Arsenal in 14 positions, from the beginning he was just 21 years old, he is already England's capital, the core of the team.

Despite the existence of alcohol Adams, the notoriety, but it could not stop him from becoming the gunmen of the most successful captain in history, he followed Arsenal won a total of four league championship, and in 1998 and 2002 by two English football The double winners, while a double crown in 2002, and that experience is retired to his tour has left the best memories.

Adams indomitable fighting spirit is not just the club's personality, but also affect the whole of England. Although his career is not as shiny as the other club's banner, but he can still be called the Arsenal history as the most expressive characters, created by Premiership players are more psychological counseling has helped countless players from the Premiership dirty dirty, sluggish out of life, and become a true professional.



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