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When the world is to begin broadcasting soccer

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broadcast the number of supplementary questions period of
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"world football" is a sports channel of China Central Television reported that an international foot Tan the latest events and news-oriented sections, which was founded in November 27, 2000, premiere time for every Monday night CCTV-5 19:30-21:25, each 115 minutes, a replay time for CCTV-5 Tuesday morning 10:00-11:55, CCTV-12 Sunday afternoon, 14:05-16:00.

"The world football" was selected for broadcast on Monday night because of the international soccer tournament, mostly on weekends, and for Chinese fans, because the time difference of reasons, many in Beijing Monday morning for the game can not be watch the live broadcast, then there was such a panorama-like file describes events over the past week, the cream of world football program, you can largely compensate for Chinese fans regret.

"The world football" is the slogan of "the most pure soccer, the most higher level of enjoyment." For Chinese fans, however, Europe's football match is a high level of aesthetic, then "the world football" is to bring the audience the essence of the most exciting event, so that they can be nearly two hours spent a purely it is purely football night.

"The world football" in a big feature is the internal program has divided the many small sections, which are small sections of the audience has gradually become a popular loved and supported by signs, these small sections include "Verdy heavyweight" and "absolute Superstar, "" Football create "," Fore songs "," TOP10 "and so on.

"Verdy heavyweight" As the name suggests is to introduce just the past week carried out the world's heavyweight football game the focus of the essence, it occupies the entire length of a show about a quarter of the time.

"Soccer" comes through different perspectives to describe what happened in world football major news, so that viewers can understand the story behind the news.

"Absolute star" introduces the world famous football star's star road course, through this small section, the audience can fully understand a player's upbringing. Because of the special nature of international football, each an "absolute star" written and directed feature films can be their own feelings and understanding of star edited into the film were, thus enabling viewers to watch programs when the resonate, sowing out "" God of War "Gabriel Batistuta", "" natural goal crazy, "Vieri", "" Football Lover "Baggio" are all in the audience has caused a greater response. "Absolute star" is currently the "world football" the most popular one small section, but it is in the "world football" in the broadcast from time to time.

Another broadcast from time to time a small section of "Fore songs," or words of a little more popular is the "football MTV", while enjoying the beautiful music player on the pitch at the same time accompanied by wonderful goals, passionate cheering, football and music have been a perfect combination.

"The world football" in small sections of a fixed broadcast on a regular basis is "TOP10", through a different perspective to review some important figures in world football and events, due to the form of a unique novel, it has been a great audience recognition, every week a large number of fans through a letter or EMAIL make their own recommendations. "The world football" program coalition Wuhan Press in mid-April launched the "world football 100 Grand TOP10" a book, contains "the world football" Since the broadcast since the 100 best TOP10 the scripts at the same time comes VCD 2, the content for the TOP10 selection can be regarded as long-term attention and pick up a pen to us a large number of fans had suggested a return audience.



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