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Why is a weak Chinese football?

Autumn nights knives2010-02-21 07:11:30 +0000 #1
All the Olympic events in China, basically can be said that he could. The National People are most concerned about the country's most valued soccer, but practice has become like this. You say bad system. That basketball is the Chinese people engaged in ah, why it can be brought into the world's top eight?
Xsilva2010-02-21 07:17:34 +0000 #2
Chinese football star .. a lack of real football in the market at the same time China has changed under the taste ...

What. I ask.

Chinese play basketball, more people still playing more people. Obviously people should be more basketball ...

Take our home, for example. not even a real soccer field at all.

football how be improved? ..

country attached great importance. the players will be more want to play well. But the mistakes will be more ..

I suggest you look at the Night Football ..

There is a talk about this in ..

"Chinese football why. there is no idol" ..

you look for the Internet Bar ...
maweifeng222010-02-21 07:53:45 +0000 #3
not work because of long.
jilinxiaohua2010-02-21 07:33:15 +0000 #4
You can see how many young people play it? Think 90's there are more than 650,000. . . The key is the countries do not have great efforts to train young talent, South Korea and Japan have done this better, football talents comes from a sound system of football management appear in Japan and Korea universities, high schools, junior high, and even primary school will have a dedicated Football League, low-grade and high grade is often a confrontation, so that layers of selection, the overall strength to be great. Basketball a little better because of the overall quality of the players can be, but the teams did not encounter lines ah
Eternal Chinese fighter2010-02-21 07:53:16 +0000 #5
shady too much talent selection system has serious problems, institutions are too cumbersome, Unhealthy tendencies, etc. ---
life just sing a song2010-02-21 09:17:21 +0000 #6
Do not entangled in this problem, hurt the body to ...

basketball, relatively speaking, if there are individuals very good condition, a get a forty to fifty cents (81 Kobe Bryant single-game points and three 62 min) can dominate the game.

Basketball by the individual from the back court and soccer dribbling Daoqian Chang difficulty is not the same.

Football greater reliance on the overall quality and team cooperation.

Another example of our disappointment in China because of football players failed to get the performance out of indomitable Jingqi Shen, often at a disadvantage to start the whole Takeyuki staged, and what Duanzijuesun feet, ah, ah killer leg scissors, which began to display their lifetime Juexue a pity that referees know about the Chinese martial too deep ...

bloody does not depend on the performance of a foul out, losing does not matter, but the level of shame is not just a technical problem.
66598aa2010-02-21 10:12:27 +0000 #7
2007 years, the Chinese Football Association's official registration of players There are 3 million people - women's soccer player is only three to four people -

say what the 1.3 billion Chinese people will be playing it really does not do!

Please note that we are not selected from the 13 billion people, top-notch players -

but in the tens of thousands of people who play too well among the selected 11 individuals -

the German Football Association's official registration of players up to 600 million people!

The United States Women's Football Association registered players only have two million people!

Brazilian Football Federation is reached tens of millions of terror, almost all the people play!

The world's bigger teams, have the millions of players in the system!

China is currently only 3 million people -

there is a saying, "make bricks without straw" is the re-B, coaches cows, then cows B, FA, I would like to see this data, subsequently Tuiruan bar!

As a football-loving Chinese people, a friend screen after you have thought of to make their only son to soccer practice? Or the insulation is still with the football, and then on one side condemn Kunitari incompetence?

Feel that China's scramble for campaign groups are not and a very personal feeling is that the fine cultural tradition of China is closely related. The Chinese reciprocated, conduct peaceful, friendly, kind-hearted, so during the old society has always been bullied by foreign powers. From a variety of international cases, many people grabbing the barbaric actions are foreigners dry, and sometimes just a look at the title of the case know that is not a domestic, the Chinese do not "barbaric." Therefore, the various kinds of physical conflict "barbarous" sport, it is difficult to achieve the desired results. Such as basketball, soccer, rugby Han's. . . . Belong to the [group of] the looting (ball) action, a group of people to plan how the snatch, then washed again hit. . . . Like the old society, the powers were dried out with those things. . . . Although it can be acquired through the training to foster competition for skills, but the nature of the Chinese people is very difficult to change. . . These sports contain two things: to "grab" and "technology", are indispensable, good people tend to hesitate in this difficult trade-offs between the two, in the end of the "grab" a little while? Or multi-use "technology" for a little while? And this is not a trade-off can be the people who want good, and is also dependent on the whole team must have this kind of consciousness. . . .

Modesty of style, shows the gang robbed of "barbaric sport" not suitable for Chinese people. . .

As for table tennis, volleyball. . Although the volleyball appears to be the challenge for the ball, not all point in this camp, and will not conflict side of the opponent side of the physical challenge for the ball. . .
, Like weightlifting, and people do not need competition for as long as there are good coaches and scientific guidance, its own strenuous exercise, we will be able to achieve good results. The gang robbed the class as "barbaric sport" and trying to train the entire team both physically and mentally become a "grab" a master, I am afraid there is no social impact of centuries can not do. . . .

A variety of track and field, running what is, though is also a struggle, but they are running their own, discus throw their own and do not affect each other

China's various strengths of both these classes, there is shooting. . . .



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