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Order to set the lineup then Leeds United

Liu likes 11112010-02-21 21:11:15 +0000 #1

Haotian to see these2010-02-21 21:16:45 +0000 #2
Goalkeepers: Robinson, Nijimading

Defenders: Gary Kelly, Woodgate, Rio Ferdinand, Ian Hart, Mill Sri Lanka, Radebe, Matteo, Duberry

Midfielders: Lee Bowyer, David Batty, Harry Kewell, Mcphail, Dacourt, Barker, McMaster

Forwards: Victoria duca, Robbie Keane, Bridges, Alan Smith

Coach: O'Reilly

lineup is probably the 1998 - 2002 was one, and this is my memory of memories with the remaining up. At that time the white roses, array, there Martin, Kelly, Hart, Radebe, Batty and so England, Ireland, South Africa and other countries a lot of internationals in new Rio Ferdinand, Jonathan Woodgate, Bowyer, Keane, who is also the elan Masamori to start their own national team selection. At that time the "Young Guard" known as the dominance in the coming 10 years after Manchester United's successor, did not think it is landed in this field today is really sighed with regret.



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