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inter1908 question was introduced to Barak ____

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first answer the first, the adoption can not be anonymous because soccer district Anonymous b
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Name: Michael Ballack (Michael Ballack)

Cantonese name: Bo Alec

Place of Birth: Chemnitz (Germany), Karl Marx City

Nationality: German

fans for his pet name: Bear / B13 / Micha

Birthday: September 26, 1976

Constellation: Scorpio

Height: 189 cm

Weight: 86 Kg

Hitomi color: blue-green

hair color: black

Location: in the avant-garde

team goals: 42

is the effectiveness of team: Chelsea

German standard-bearer

Micha el Lack (Michael Ballack, 1976 Nian 9 26 -), German football player and current captain of the German national team, now plays for English Premier League Chelsea.

[Edit this paragraph] Player Introduction

Michael Ballack Michael Ballack Bayern Period (Michael Ballack), height of 1.89 meters and weighs 80 kg. September 26, 1976 was born in Görlitz, grew up in the open-Muniz (formerly East Germany's Karl Marx City). In the six years of age fell in love with football, he played the first ball will be Karl Marx BSG Motor City team in 1988 he entered the open-Muniz team. July 1, 1995, he joined the then second division of Kaiserslautern still between 1997-98 season, Ehud Barak won the Bundesliga title with Kaiserslautern. In 1999, he joined Bayer Leverkusen after the Bundesliga runner-up twice, once German Cup runner-up, a Champions League runner-up and a World Cup runner-up. After he formally joined Bayern.

Michael Ballack has spoken on behalf of the German team participated in 30 international matches and entered the 11 balls. In the Bundesliga, Barak is also 130 games, scored 34 goals. Barak and his girlfriend Simone live with their first son, Louis, born August 16, 2001, in September of this year, their second child was born soon.

Michael Ballack's football career began in the East Dekkar Marx BSG Motor City team. His professional football career, the first stop is the team FC Chemnitz. In the years between 1997 and 1999, he was 1. FC Kaysers vines football team play. In 1999 and 2002, he was playing in the Leverkusen team. Since the 2002/2003 season, he signed the team FC Bayern Munich has become one of world football superstar. April 28, 1999, he participated in his first international competition. In that time he joined the German team's match against Scotland, Germany, with 0:1 loss to Scotland. Since then, he was wearing the German national team's jersey for the German national team played more than 50 field goals. In the 2002 soccer World Cup, he lifted the World Cup runner-up trophy. In 2004, Michael Ballack joined the German national team in Portugal's European Championship. In 2002 and 2003, he was named the German Sports Press Association Footballer of the Year in Germany. August 16th, 2004 lies in either the national team coach Jurgen Klinsmann in the German national team, captain Michael Ballack either.

A powerful player, so feet are good, Barak is a technical excellence of the midfield, and the ability to score highly.

Team is Michael Ballack's goal makes the German team at the 2002 World Cup semi-final win over South Korean team which reached the final. Unfortunately, because of suspension he was unable to participate in Brazil's final. Barak, in April 1999 for the first time the German national team play, he was Germany's World Cup finals qualified go-getters in his team's play-offs and Ukraine into the three goals to help the German team than in a promotion 5.

Michael Ballack Euro 2004 qualifier with Lithuania in the first match was elected the best player, has been performing throughout the qualifying period of stability, and notched four goals, ranking the team first.

Club team 2002 season, Michael Ballack transfer from Bayer Leverkusen Bayern Munich, in 26 league games into 10 balls, while there are still in the German Cup final recorded two goals to help Bayern win League and Cup double winners.

Beckenbauer assessment he is the best midfielder in the world, one of the Karl-Heinz Rummenigge believes that, in the avant-garde position, Barak is the world's richest talented offensive player.

You know what?

Michael Ballack is Germany's application for a key figure in the 2012 Olympic Games.

Super-physical, good header, and strong long-range, excellent vision, is the world's top ten all-round midfield

[Edit this paragraph] Player Honors


Community Shield: 2009

English FA Cup Winner: 2009

German First Division Soccer League Champions: 1998, 2003, 2005, 2006

World Cup Runner-up: 2002

World Cup Runner-up: 2006

Confederations Cup Runner-up: 2005

European Cup runner-up: 2008

UEFA Champions League (European Cup) Runner-up: 2002 2008

German Footballer of the Year: 2002, 2003, 2005

UEFA Midfielder of the Year: 2002

Soccer Digest World Player of the Year: 2002

German Cup winner: 2003, 2005, 2006

Selected to FIFA's 100 Greatest Living Players of All Tim


Oliver Kahn German Footballer of the Year 2002 in succession:

Michael Ballack


Michael Ballack German Footballer of the Year 2003 in succession:

Ai Dalton


Elton standard-bearer of the German Footballer of the Year

While Germany only had two career World Cup experience, but when the play of the year Michael Ballack has become the current Bayern Munich and German national team in the the absolute core of players. Can he play a great influence on the process of the game, after a club and national team after years of experience that Barak has become the current standard-bearer of German football.

As a midfielder, Michael Ballack scoring forward runs second to none in today's football, and long-range header was his Qiangdian two scoring weapon. The past two years by the German national team played 24 games, Barak amazingly scored 15 goals. Barak, 2005 FIFA Confederations Cup players also demonstrated leadership qualities, he has scored three goals in the race, 34 finalists extra time makes a beautiful free-kick score particularly memorable.

[Edit this paragraph] tragic hero

Barak early clubs have experienced a rather bumpy career, 98 years, Kaiser won the creation of the myth, the Barak was just too much playing time, a non-substitutes, while the last 99-00 years 1, Barak's own goal led to Bayer Leverkusen lost to Unterhaching, lost almost hand the title. Ehud Barak in 2002 in Leverkusen won a brilliant but full of sadness "four sub-king." Not until after joining Bayern, Ballack was the main force of identity in order to taste the taste of League championship, while in the Bayern team Barak's self-confidence and ability has been further improved.

2002 World Cup, Ballack's performance for all to see, from the quarter-finals to the semi-final, Michael Ballack scored the winning goal a row. Semi-final match with South Korea, Barak will use their own hands to score the team into the finals, but because the race a yellow card but unable to participate in the final was watched its team beat Brazil 2-0 . If it is not absent due to suspension with Brazil's final, Michael Ballack will lead the German team may create a sort of a small miracle.

2008's European Cup, Barak's performance in general, but it is still the core of Germany. In the last group match against hosts Austria game, he scored a free kick, helping the German team advancing the last eight. In the next quarter-finals, he scored a controversial header out of a large hot-Portugal semi-final.

However, in a decisive battle with Spain on the eve of his thigh injury in training accidents. Persist after the play, but the state no. In the second half had to create a threatening shot, unfortunately Shepian, lost the final.

2002 Barak took four runner-up in 2008 then took five. But the German veteran, and did not give up his goal is set at the 2010 World Cup.


Barak has a striking physical quality and endurance, lumbar origin, he can play Qian Yao, lumbar, shadow striker, and even in the back and center. As captain of the German team in the 2006 Battle Argentina's game repeatedly to stand guard position to participate in the defense, he and Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard belong to the same universal midfield. He also has a senior fellow Basler long-range heavy artillery fire doors and Bierhoff's header Qiangdian two major trick up his sleeve at all times so that the heavy tank opponents headaches.


this season after back injury in Chelsea, in the life and death battle for Chelsea into 2 balls, so that the English Premier League win of suspense to the last one, and the Chelsea squad named Player of the Year candidates. Chemnitz 150



1997/98 Chemnitz 3410 Kaiserslautern 160


1999/00 Bayer Leverkusen Kaiserslautern 304 2000/01 Bayer Leverkusen 23 3



2002/03 Bayer Leverkusen 2917 Bayern Munich 2610 Bayern Munich 2003/04


2004/05 Bayern Munich 27 13

2005/06 Bayern Munich 26 14


2007/08 Chelsea 2006/07 Chelsea 2008/09 Chelsea 187


2009/10 Chelsea -

anecdote: 13 of 13 runner-up Michael Ballack unprecedented

to the European Cup in 2008 ended the 13 players on the 13-year career, scored 13 runner-up, more season, four in Asia, five sub-... ... to complete the World Cup, European Cup, European Champions League, Bundesliga League, German League Cup, Premier League, English Premier League Cup spectacular "Grand Slam runner-up," can be described as unprecedented.


2002 Bundesliga runner-up German Bundesliga + Cup + Champions League + World Cup runner-up

2004 Bundesliga runner-up

2007 English Premier League runner-up Community Shield Cup +

2008 Community Shield Cup + League Cup + League + Champions League + European Cup runner-up

In fact, regardless of winner or runner-up, his fans will always stand beside him, to accompany him until forever.



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