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____ inter1908 question was introduced to Carles Puyol

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Carles Puyol Carles Puyol (Carles Puyol)

Cantonese name: Pedro Slave

Full name: Carles Puyol Saforcada

Nickname: Tiburón, Toro, el Tarzán (Taishan) de La Pobla, Charlie, Puyi (Dupuis), as well as lions, Superman, etc.

Date of Birth: April 13, 1978

Constellation: Aries

Nationality: Spain

home: Spain Catalan province of Lleida (La Pobla de Segur)

who currently plays for Club: Barcelona (Carles Puyol for the team's current captain)

Location: in the back (in the club and national team are in the back, has also played at right-back and left guard)

Height: 178CM

Weight: 80kg

currently worth: 28 million euros

numbers: In the national team and clubs are on the 5th

Club Experience:

October 2, 1999, he in Barcelona away game with Valladolid completed their Primera Liga debut.

Season, the club league appearances 1996-1997 Barcelona B second division goals


1997-1998 Barcelona B second division 361


382 second division B of Barcelona 1999-2000 Barcelona B second division 80

1999 -- 2000 Barcelona La Liga Primera 240


2000-2001 Barcelona 2001-2002 Barcelona 2002-2003 Barcelona Primera Liga 352



2003-2004 Barcelona 2004-2005 Barcelona Primera Liga Barcelona 360

2005-2006 2006-2007 La Liga Barcelona La Liga 35 1



2007-2008 Barcelona 2008-2009 Barcelona Primera Liga 281

2009-2010 Barcelona La Liga - -

Team Resume:

Spain Under-21 team member, and was third in the European U21 Championships.

2000 Sydney Olympics, the Spanish Olympic Team members, Spain's Olympic team won the silver medal in the men's football final.

Carles Puyol battle for the national team at the child in the November 15, 2000 the Spanish national team match against the Netherlands to complete.

2008 with the Spanish team won the European Cup football championship

Puyol's career from his birth town of La Pobla de Segur, he has talent soon widely known, 17-year-old contract with Barcelona to come to la Macia.

He quickly gain a firm foothold in the Barcelona B team, October 2, 1999 won the first-team appearance for the first time, Van Gaal allowed him to Valladolid first experience before the Spanish atmosphere. His opportunity to show more and more gradually to firmly hold the main right back. A strong determination and hard training, but also to make the defender Carles Puyol adapted to place.

2003/04 season, the third captain Carles Puyol was elected to lead the team win the league runner-up, this year he took part in 27 league and League Cup seven games. Until the 2004/05 season, only to wait in Barcelona, Carles Puyol's first title, he has become the first captain of Barca. End of the season, he raised his league trophy in the Nou Camp, and finally achieved a dream.

2005/06 season, Puyol continued excellent play, and after another held up a league and Champions League trophy. Puyol to miss the entire season only five games, there is no time because of injuries, including three games have been Frank Rijkaard holiday, two games because of suspension, in addition to the October 30, 2005 5 to 0 victory over Real Sociedad match contribute to a ball.

Carles Puyol is the main force of the Spanish national team, participated in the 2002 World Cup, 2004 European Cup 2006 World Cup and 2008 European Cup.

Personal characteristics

Puyol right guard debut, but gradually grown into a world-class central defender, he has very good physical condition and discipline. He is a model for other players within the team, destroy opponents when the attack is never clear-cut. When the coach needs, he also competent left-back. Although the height is only 178cm, Puyol strong body so that he is not at a disadvantage when the Zheng Ding, can man-mark higher than his striker. Access to a corner and free kick the team when Puyol often involved in the offense. Carles Puyol Barcelona and the Spanish national team defender, as the core of fierce tackles, Pinqiang active, air siege ability is very good, yes, Spain won the 2008 European Cup with Barcelona in 2009 won the Triple Crown of Merit figures.

Carles Puyol Barcelona jersey proud to wear, and his leadership qualities and the moment of infection with the loyalty of Barcelona teammates.

Obtained honor (as of 2009)

2009, led Barcelona to win the triple crown in 2009 World Club Cup Champion

2009 Spanish Super Cup


2008/09 European Super Cup European Champions Cup

2008 / 09 La Liga title

2008/09 Spanish King's Cup Champion

2006 Spanish Super Cup


2005/06 European Champions Cup 2005/06 Spanish La Liga title

2004/05 Spanish Super Cup Champions League title

international events:

2000 Sydney Olympic Games men's soccer runner-up

05-06 season, the Champions Cup and 2006 World Club Cup runner-up

2008 European Cup winner (June 29, 2008)

Personal awards:

05-06 season, UEFA Champions League Best Defender

06-07 season, the world's best 11 short-listed people (by the International Football Players Association voted FIFPro)

[added] FIFPro selection of the world's best 11 were as follows: Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus), special ri (Chelsea), Fabio Cannavaro (Real Madrid), Carles Puyol (Barcelona), Alessandro Nesta (AC Milan), Cristiano • Ronaldo (Manchester United), Gerrard (Liverpool & Poor's), Kaka (AC Milan), Lionel Messi (Barcelona), Didier Drogba (Chelsea) and Ronaldinho (Barcelona).

2005 Finalist of the Year 11 team (UEFA selection)

[added] 11 were as follows: Forwards: Samuel Eto'o (Barcelona), Andriy Shevchenko (AC Milan) Midfielders: Pavel Nedved ( Juventus), Ronaldinho (Barcelona), Steven Gerrard (Liverpool), Garcia (Liverpool) Defenders: Paolo Maldini (AC Milan), Carles Puyol (Barcelona), John Terry (Chelsea), Cafu (AC Milan) Goalkeepers: Petr Cech (Chelsea) Coach: Jose Mourinho (Chelsea)

2006 named Best Team (from UEFA's official tennis fans Ping Chu)

2007 Finalist Best Barcelona century lineup. He also votes to 87750 to become Barcelona's most popular players in history. (Spain "World Sports Daily," sponsored by the Barca fans selection.

[Added] Barca fan favorite formation is a 343 formation, therefore, the best 343 team also arranged in a specific field as follows (in brackets Substitute players): Goalkeepers : Zubizarreta (Lamalaici); Defenders: Carles Puyol (Ferrer), Coleman (Migheli), Sergi (Luis • Enrique); Midfielders: Deco (Martinez Jenkins), Guardiola (Harvey), Diego Maradona (Kubala), m • Laudrup (Schuster); Forwards: Cruyff (Rivaldo), Romarie Austria (Eto'o), Ronaldinho (Stoichkov).

European Cup finalists in 2008 Ten Outstanding Player, 23 Player of the list (UEFA selection)

【】 one about him,

he Catalan is considered representative of a new generation of football heroes, a head roots of the great generals of the material Puyol, speed Qikuai, fill the seats and timely defense, he has now become the backbone of Barcelona. Barcelona team "Little Lion King" in his debut after just five seasons, he has become the spiritual leader of the team-level figures. Carles Puyol on the floor is extremely tenacious style of aggressive, league and national team on many occasions he denied flesh and blood opponents staged shot a scene.

as outstanding personal abilities, Puyol almost at the club in recent years, the left-right in the hole-y pilgrimage every position, and this versatile feature also allows him to become a comprehensive defense of the national team after the patch, after due the national team left-back position is relatively weak, Puyol more games appear on the left.

cause Van Gaal Van Gaal interested in is the right Puyol assistant told him a story, in the youth team has a favorite assists in guard, competitions, he often brought the ball from the backcourt Daoqian Chang, and his ball moves even more than most of the midfield players are excellent, but his assists than many forwards have to give her back a headache. youth team coach The young man's assessment is "fast, defensively sound and strong breaking ball, which had grown into a perfect defender of the potential." Van Gaal determined to be transferred to the young people named Puyol the first team.

in Barcelona Barcelona team spirit within the status of Puyol has never wavered. along with Puyol graduated from Barcelona's youth training camp la masilla Harvey talked about friends, said: "Pu Iraq (Puyol's nickname) in the past five years, gives us a great show. I do not like to use the "team leaders" such terms to refer to any one player, but I must say, Carles Puyol is the best captain. When the team field a disadvantage, he was the first one to encourage the players fighting teammates with head held high. "Enrique retired in order to avoid arousing suspicion, the club decided to use the ballot to elect a new captain, Carles Puyol was unanimously elected the final .


Carles Puyol on the pitch is notoriously hard. Champions Cup match with Inter Milan, still insisted on tearing ligaments mild competition. league play Celta, he must rely on other people's help in order to de - Under the shirt was originally the shoulder has been dragging on mortar. CANAL + TV stations are doing Puyol album, the specially added Beckenbauer, 70 years playing with a bandage lens to do more, though a bit exaggerated but highlights Puyol the spirit of the desperate.

"Medicine King"

a well-known secret, Carles Puyol in the race in the process of drug use habits. Take it easy, this drug is not FIFA banned drugs but only a general vitamins, used to supplement consumption of physical strength. Puyol played too many games is the 06-07 season, five leagues in Europe the first Iron Man. This is not to eat "medicine" can do? Of course the game play more with Puyol and reasonable training and living habits are inseparable. In Barcelona, Carles Puyol came an hour early every day, training camp, while the 21 o'clock every night he would go to bed on time. in the rich nightlife of Barcelona, Carles Puyol almost as bars, nightclubs insulation.

2, Nou Camp Soul - Puyol (change)

Carles Puyol, he is a born leader, is another example of the players, is a very good player ... "the former Barcelona captain and the standard-bearer Luis * Enrique evaluation of the case.

time back to five years ago, the Camp Nou. very common in a La Liga, Barcelona vs. Valladolid, 21-year-old first appeared in the starting lineup Puyol in. five years, did not last long. the original roots of the feather that braved a kid step by step over, the Nou Camp in Hui-grown Barca captain.


99-00 years growing season, for the fledgling The Puyol should lay the foundation for efforts to grow a year, much of the playing time did not stop his progress. in particular with the Real Madrid game (2 to 2), Carles Puyol Sergi 38th minute substitute in appearance, outstanding finish the race, winning wide praise. His efforts have not been in vain, Olympic coaching staff quickly took note of this vibrant young man, 00 years in May, Puyol was called up for the IOC team. A few months later, he and young team grew up together in Harvey, Gabri go in Sydney, where their performance is quite good, but lost on penalties the "African Eagle" Cameroon. The next season , a serious right knee injury makes Puyol missed almost the entire second half of the season, after the surgery, recovery of Puyol good performance in the league continued with their own, but also for the first time the national team selection Camacho. in 2002 the world Cup to show their stage of Puyol, even though their first match with Paraguay, he is not careful jacking own goal a total blunder, later in the game, he showed the speed Qikuai, fill the seats and timely characteristics, and the softening of the Spanish national team in style, and his exuberant energy and indomitable fighting spirit to the team a great change. while in the next two seasons,Gradually grew up to become Barcelona's Carles Puyol and Spanish national team defender of the Dinghaishenzhen, his performance has also been appreciated by all. In his official representative in Barcelona five years after the appearance of this young man put the world a very great club captain armband ... ...

【scarred warriors】

"World Sports Daily," on such a picture had been given , see were shocking: the right knee, left cheekbone and right cheekbone ... ... is as a top priority will always put the interests of the team players, from top to bottom has left traces of struggle for Barca. Perhaps we all remember last season's thrilling at the Bernabeu a century into that war, there have been Zidane's long-range ground-breaking kick the ball at the goal line by Puyol Sang Sang blocked out with the face! By this time the left cheek from his injury, but also a few weeks time ... ... I think loyalty to the club, such as Paolo Maldini, even those who do not necessarily have such a personal danger at this time of holding his face toward the ball-like shells . Levante last season with the game Puyol is this loyalty and bravery would be played to the extreme. Barcelona team doctor told him before the game, right shoulder joint had serious water, as long as a little bit of the collision, and his shoulder may be dislocated joints. Barcelona are in the season was the beginning of the long-term low millet, the team has deteriorated, so that in a matter of life and death Barcelona can not match then the lack of this tenacious fighter, Puyol imagined playing games on the initiative to ask . Sure enough, the fragile shoulders of Puyol did not insist too long, the game just entered the second half, his shoulder in a violent collision on the medium to the brink of the edge dislocation. Puyol set teeth, waved his hand to the sidelines, hands should not be replaced, but with his left hand holding the right shoulder, continue to invest in games, such scenes, this season in his possession was not the first time staged. Nightmare occurred in the race about 10 minutes remaining when Puyol header vying with each other forward, due to a dislocated right shoulder in a semi-state, Puyol could not lift the right hand to protect the face as a result, his left cheek in the the air and the opponent's head heavily touched, Puyol on the spot so painful that fell to the ground, and constantly trembling. Carles Puyol's right hand lying on the ground can not be lifted, he could only rub his injured left cheek, his face had been lifted out of the pain field. According to the doctor's initial diagnosis, the left face Puyol is likely to impact the zygomatic fracture. Last season, Puyol has also been received injuries of the cheek, but the last time is right cheekbone fracture, while the fracture of the left cheekbone. Right zygomatic fracture last season, when Barcelona's medical staff have since repeatedly called for the early Puyol played for him has done a special mask used to protect the cheek. Puyol is that with this mask, there is no complete recovery in the zygomatic fractures play grappling situation. Sure enough, a short rest, the Spanish have appeared on the arena we are familiar with this figure, to spare no effort to run ... ...


because of the responsibility of captain Luis Enrique and the Section libraries leaving the team last season's third captain There is no doubt become the first captain. It is worth mentioning that in the selection of pre-season captain, Carles Puyol received all 20 votes in the 19, the only lost one of his own ... ... In addition to the captain of the wealthy more than the glory of should be a responsibility. If Puyol himself put it: "The players who gave me so much confidence, I was elected captain of the excitement is more of a sense of responsibility beyond. I will work hard, do not let them down ... ..." From Barcelona now state point of view, Puyol did not let a teammate to give him unlimited confidence in disappointment, the new season either Barcelona or the Champions League in their own stadium in the outstanding performance make people exclaim "dream team is back!" and they are Competition solidarity and fighting spirit shown is to give people left a deep impression on him.

【Calm gentleman】

The excitement is different with the court, field, under very mild Puyol. Hot in July, Barcelona, the club came to Shanghai in just four days, the young captain with the club to leave the fans with so many good memories, even after the end of the training extremely tired state, for the fans, the requirements of signature photo also refuse the entry of amiable attitude so that all have been in contact with the fans moving. Life's Carles Puyol is a rather self-discipline, he admitted little Paojiu Ba, training, after the end of the game will soon be home, but in a few times and the friends a drink, but it is also a very temperate. In football circles this very complex and complicated environment, we never see his affair with his girlfriend's feelings are always stubbornly persists, so that the good news, tabloid reporters digging impossible to start with.


such a player will always be the major object of favor wealthy, Juventus, Manchester United, Milan have the intention to acquire him. In particular, the sworn enemy of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Carles Puyol covet more, it is endless, Peres and even Puyol out twice in the current wage! Puyol, far from impressed by these, but also responded to the call of the club's reduction of remuneration: "For me, Barcelona is the most important. Money is certainly very important but it is not the most important thing."

Has the full confidence of his teammates , and family support, I believe the young Barcelona's Carles Puyol in the same under the leadership of the young will get their own glory. The future, is bound to the terms on Puyol Sweet years!

3, to tell you the real puyol

"throughout the season, we are working hard to try to bring more success for the team, but in fact we do not win take any of the title. we have the ability does not seem to win, "he said. "By the mid-season, and we're out in the Champions League, but also has been lagging far behind league-leading the team very far, such a situation was really very uncomfortable."

At the end of the game, after Van Gaal will always blame the players in the locker room , which makes Puyol was very upset. "As long as the outcome is unsatisfactory, the coach will always blame us, it seems to me a somewhat unfair, in my view, this is illogical."

When Van Gaal to leave after another the Dutch took over the ball team, Puyol's position had changed again, this time he was placed in the guard position, but this time Barcelona have also started to recover, and in the stability of the lineup, the team won two consecutive league titles as well as an European Champions League title.

In his entire career, Carles Puyol Retention is always a long hair, his image is very wild, perhaps this can reflect his personal style like a warrior. Puyol never thought to change the current image of the original Van Gaal said that he would like to see a short hair style, but the Carles Puyol very politely declined. "Any person should be respected by others, that is, I refuse to cut my hair because," he told Van Gaal. "I told him I would at the appropriate time trimming my hair, but no one can convince me that I would not change my mind."-The passion for the Spanish market competition for the so-called national league derby, he will have own point of view, he said: "Like the game between Barca and Real Madrid is quite intense, but such competition is good, this is the Spanish tradition, the game between the two teams should not be the existence of violence, the game viewing sex is the most important, the players should be sent fans a good game. "
Puyol is a model of modern players, and each time the training he will always be brought forward by one of a small time taken to reach the venue, the he takes part in competitions and training outside the time is always choice and my family through. "For me, the best way to relax with his girlfriend, my family or friends together, I like to stay at home, I do not like to stay around," he said. "I am a crazy person? That kind of scenario will only happen on the pitch, when I left the game, I'm not crazy."

As the younger generation of players, Puyol naturally have their own idols, and he said he was The idol is Italian Paolo Maldini: "I do not want to compare with him, I just give an example, Paolo Maldini is a model of the modern player, this is not just because he is the world's most outstanding defensive player, he was competition created by the results is impossible to imagine, he has been in effect to AC Milan but also in the race to play a stable, even under enormous pressure, he also able to maintain the level of help the team win. "
This is Bit Barcelona captain this season became one of Europe's most prominent defender, he and other top guards struggle with the Champions League trophy this season. "I think my teammates are the games in Barcelona the best defensive player, but you can easily think of some of the top players, such as Fabio Cannavaro, Ramos, are all world-class defender. "he said.

Be able to defend the Champions League is one of the goals in Barcelona last season, they are in France Stadium at 2 to 1 victory over Arsenal, which is still very clear for Puyol experience. Half the time behind the 0 to 1, in the locker room, Puyol played the role of leadership and unity of teammates, he has been constantly encouraging teammates. "Campbell's goal is indeed a blow, but we want to tell all, game is not over yet, we have to return to court to concentrate to play a good game, a correct attitude toward this situation."

In the next 45 minutes, Barcelona success overturned to win the European championship, Puyol is very excited, he said: "I do not know Ronald - Coleman for the first time in 1992 when Barcelona won the European championship feeling, but now I have done, and can successfully lift Champions League is the highest honor the players, but also that they joined the team's biggest goal. "
Now, Puyol to accept new challenges, he wanted following the Baresi and Paolo Maldini lifted the Champions League trophy after two consecutive terms, But he acknowledged that the road will be defending Barcelona to go bad the first time they have to face a threat from domestic teams. "From the Spanish team, Real Madrid, Valencia, our main competitors, Osasuna failed to enter the group stage was a little Unfortunately, they are in the last season's excellent performance is indeed surprising. In addition to this the addition, you can not ignore the AC Milan, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, as well as the existence of some British teams. "
Puyol also revealed that striker Thierry Henry in the race caused him the greatest trouble. "Henry's final performance in Paris, very well, he is really a difficult defensive player because he can always find space in the former field. When Arsenal to 10 men, most of their players have retreated to the backcourt, so that Henry there is more running room, in such circumstances, he is difficult to defensive. Likewise, I can not imagine when the guard players like Ronaldinho and Eto'o face of such a player will what kind of environment because they are very good killer. "
Puyol do not think that Barca coach Frank Rijkaard will change under the previous style. "The team is always trying to kick an attractive attacking football, when he was coaching the team later, we have indeed done a more defensive effort, which is very important. We will continue to attack the race to win control immediately after the ball right to a quick counter-attack. "
Puyol's former coach and mentor Van Gaal described him as a warrior, and he was soon back in the team's defensive Marquez, praised the Spaniards possess excellent leadership, he that Puyol will become a coach in the future. "Puyol is the team leader, because he has an excellent mind and appeal, as Rijkaard puts it."

Puyol is a very humble player, when asked to their own in Europe the most satisfying track on which a game, he said: "I am most satisfied with the race? I hope it has not come."

curls sportsman: Despite being the coach's pressure, but Puyol is still not go its own way trimmed his hair, which has gradually become the super-defender's unique personal style.

【About his family】

November 3, 2006, Puyol's father, Jose • Puyol in a work accident, died at the age of 56 years old. This gave Puyol great trauma.

Carles Puyol has a long-term girlfriend, 名叫阿涅斯 (Agnès).



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