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inter1908 question was introduced to Ricardo Carvalho ____

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Ricardo Carvalho Ricardo Carvalho

Cantonese translation: Kahua slaves

Nationality: Portugal

Birthday: May 18, 1978

Height: 1 m 83

Weight: 79 kg

Position: Defender

is the effectiveness of team: Chelsea

World Cup experience: Myth


Porto Carvalho joined Porto in 1998/99 season, from 1999 to 2001, he has been leased to Setubal, Arvika team effectiveness, the effectiveness of the 2001/02 season to return to Porto, and the team defense has become the central figure line in 2002 to join with Mourinho, Carvalho usher in professional the peak of his career in just two years, won six titles.

3 times the Portuguese Premier League champions :1998-1999 (Porto) ,2002-2003 (Porto), 2003-2004 (Porto)

1 times the Portuguese Cup :2002-2003 (Porto)

1 times the Portuguese Super Cup: 2003 (Porto)

1 times European Champions League :2003-2004 (Porto)

1 times UEFA Cup Champions :2002-2003 (Porto)

2 times the English Premier League champions :2004-2005 (Chelsea) / 2005-2006 (Chelsea)

Jose Mourinho trusted

in access to the European Champions Cup, the intent on dominating the Premier League have invited the Russian predators as coach Jose Mourinho, but Mourinho comes naturally to own Porto's a good soldier to move to the United Kingdom, including the rear core Carvalho. Cavallo also used excellent performance proved its value in 2004 was runner-up in 2005 won in the Champions League also make a difference.


Couto first-game loss in the 2004 European Cup match in Greece, after weighing the pros on the team defender Luiz Felipe Scolari had a substantial adjustment, which is the first step in the main national team boarded Carvalho, fortunately, He performed extremely well this game, which forced the golden generation of veteran Couto of Portugal's national team gradually withdraw from the stage of history.

Carvalho is the world's top central defender in football, a typical "play with the mind" in his squad, he did not have strong physical and height advantage, but by virtue of outstanding judgments against Qiulu can always step ahead skillfully saved the day . With a Portuguese player and delicate at the foot of technology, defense, when Ricardo Carvalho appeared very much at home, especially in technology-based striker is difficult to break through his defense, but Carvalho steals addition to an effective collapse of the other side of the break, but also out of the ball quickly to choose the best way, rarely see Carvalho blind Feet damage. Header outstanding abilities, he and Terry had a Chelsea to build an air defense barrier of steel. Carvalho speed is not fast, but in the outstanding point guard in the technology make up less than absolute speed, because he can always choose the most rational way to block the counter-attack launched. As Couto's successor, willpower is an ambitious target weights, the choice of Scolari is not wrong.



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