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Demand situation and the current qualifying rules Europa groups

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Manchester United Dynasty2010-01-20 21:16:11 +0000 #2
August 28 evening 19 o'clock ,2009-10 season's Euroleague final draw held in Monaco, after qualifying, after the baptism of A total of 48 teams nominated to the group stage matches.

European League group match is divided into 12 groups of four teams, the group will qualify to qualify, these 24 teams will the Champions League third among the eight groups together make up the European League knockout phase of the 32 teams. The final will be the final home Nordbank Arena in Hamburg started.

The draw for them, from Spain's Valencia and Villarreal are the seeds of the first tranche of the team, while Athletic Bilbao, after a difficult advance team became the third file, Portugal Sporting Lisbon, Hamburg and Bremen in the Bundesliga, as well as the Dutch team PSV Eindhoven and Ajax are the seeds. The draw is not much surprise, but teams have occupied a favorable position in qualifying, B group which, Valencia and Genoa dramatic dialogue, in particular the existence of these two teams Moretti confrontation is more full of suspense; D group which, Hertha Berlin and Sporting Lisbon also worth looking forward to the encounter; G group among the professors Villarreal and Lazio are also quite Aspect; I group them, Benfica and Everton's clash will also be an exception excellent; J group among the famed Gold Shoe Gignac Toulouse Olympique have ushered in the challenge of defending champions Shakhtar Donetsk; L group which, Bremen, and Athletic Bilbao had considered quitting.

The following is a specific ballot results

A Group: Ajax Anderlecht Zagreb迪纳摩蒂米Svara

B Group: Slavia Prague, Genoa, Valencia, Real

C: Maccabi Tel Aviv, Rapid Vienna, Hamburg, Celtic

D Group: Sporting Lisbon Hailunfenbo Hertha Ventspils (Latvia)

E Group: CSKA Sofia, Rome, Basel, Fulham

F: Panathinaikos Galatasaray Bucharest迪纳摩斯图姆(Austria)

G Group: Levski Sofia Villarreal Lazio Salzburg

H Group : Steaua Bucharest fene Barchet Winter Sheriff (Moldova)

I Group: Benfica Everton AEK Athens Borisov

J Group: Partizan Belgrade Shakhtar Donetsk Bruges Group in Toulouse,

K : PSV Eindhoven Copenhagen Prague斯巴达克鲁Day

L Group: Athletic Bilbao Bremen Rapid Vienna National (Portugal)

Champions League group stage with the following schedule, as well as four knockout.

Group Stage

a total of 10 teams will advance to the playoff from the group stage, in which five leagues from countries with high levels of the other five are in other countries of the league title. This is the other 10 teams will qualify directly and the 22 teams join the group stage. These teams will be divided into eight groups, each group of four teams. In between September to December, each team will be with the group's other three opponents two separate subject-object games, the final result to take the first two group stages to the knockout phase. The third of each group will qualify directly Europa League 32 strong.

From the last 16 knockout stages until the semi-finals, each team will participate in subject-object two games to advance to the rules and the additional qualifying tournament with the same period. Into 16 stages, the group winner will avoid this group team, a team with another runner-up to compete, but after the quarter-finals will no longer have such restrictions.

Final adoption of the final outcome of the race in a given system, this season will be held in Madrid in the final.

2009/10 UEFA Champions League Fixtures Round Table

date (Central European Time)

group match, the first competition day

September 15, 2009 -16 days

group match, the second race day

September 29, 2009 -30 Day

group match, the third race day

October 20, 2009 -21 days

group match, the fourth race day

November 3, 2009 -4 Day

group match, the fifth race day

November 24, 2009 -25 days

group match, the sixth race day

December 8, 2009 -9 day

knockout round, first leg

2010 February 16 -17 days & February 23, 2009 -24 days

knockout round, second leg

March 9, 2010 -10 days & March 16, 2009 -17 days

quarter-finals , first leg

March 30, 2010 -31 days

quarter-final, second leg

April 6, 2010 -7 days

semi-final, first leg

April 20, 2010 -21 days

semi-final, second leg

April 27, 2010 -28 days

Final (Madrid, Spain)

May 22, 2010



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