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Shenhua VS National Security that game why Shenhua played center position after use?

Peter Pan erer2010-01-20 21:01:58 +0000 #1

shpd7132010-01-20 21:13:37 +0000 #2
First team squad suffered a severe sharp, now you can play the players in the striker, Gao Lin game suspension because of the accumulated four yellow cards had to sit in the stands, foreign players in the , Estonia striker Opel in the first half because of smoke through the forced end, Roddick also because for some reason can not play in the first half, Chen Tao in the Chinese Football Association during the period of suspension in

In fact, such a play in the Jia Shenhua, after taking over the whole show, frequently appears often in the second half opened up the situation or the score behind when the defense players are often forced to appear in the forward position, but after the start of race one defense player emerged in attack rare, in fact, John Dewey, or into a bright, there is always the last moments of the game the team had to rewrite the score, the latter scoring defense players is indeed a good sign, but it also reflects the Shenhua from another perspective, team is currently helplessness,

of course, this game into the light as Shenhua striker simply because the current line of each of the number of available players is too small, and the coaching staff with a high fever so just to recover Masaaki braved Risk garrisoned defense, it is better allowed to put up front, even if the attack is unable to return does not affect the team's defensive defense, as another player's play Janko refused to concede defeat, reason for this is because of his participation in the World Cup had just returned Opel qualifying draw upon in the first half because unable to continue competition, but allowed to play

objectively speaking, a team led by a lay there so incredible is considered to be normal,
sky full of stars light2010-01-20 21:45:31 +0000 #3
Coach no new tactics, and

only play point weird measures
sw_0312102010-01-20 21:45:18 +0000 #4
Play Games boss used to put the game on the routines used in the Chinese football



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