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Kunitari When the official race victory in Japan and South Korea for more than 3 goals

misunderstanding BC2010-02-26 06:10:02 +0000 #1

better Inzaghi2010-02-26 06:26:28 +0000 #2
"when playing live." Haha, I have the top floor you have three, but seemingly live 哈哈

li South Korea and Japan, the value of players is much higher than China's. I said you do not pick my reasons children (which is not unpatriotic), I think the Japanese and South Korean people just do not understand football in general. South Korea playing field when everyone wants to warriors, followed by 11 at the same time on the floor like Steven Gerrard. A few days ago saw an interview with Ehud Barak, he said: "When you play for the Korean team, you can never relax, they run so I am surprised, feeling soon to be stifled." Enables the captain of German tanks to give such comments, I really admire the people South Korea. The Japanese also have their own ideas, they really understand them the ball, their pursuit of elegance, walking technical schools, the player is also working very hard. Well ... ... live either be finished (the change of the player's personal values), I expected to be difficult to win Japan and Korea.
xuhangcunzai2010-02-26 06:27:56 +0000 #3
Tianhuangdelao, Haikushilan.
Su-hair camel2010-02-26 07:26:32 +0000 #4
away from Kunitari, Live Life
qzhjb2010-02-26 06:56:00 +0000 #5
play fact, when
ТОМ2010-02-26 07:14:05 +0000 #6
fastest way to a land of immigration, change of nationality! Go to Brazil and Italy can be!
What is used by2010-02-26 08:06:38 +0000 #7
Let's Moxi in this life is a
Sima gray sand2010-02-26 08:59:28 +0000 #8
you see. . .
lv_dong19852010-02-26 08:29:17 +0000 #9
Louzhu Do not worry, ah, in the near future should be able to do it, Japan and South Korea's soccer is not invincible, and our national team, or to support the refueling under ---
Guards come2010-02-26 07:19:10 +0000 #10
I could see do
Qing City Eagle Star2010-02-26 11:08:20 +0000 #11
God cried and said: "I do not see the 。。。。!"
Pig speechless2010-02-26 08:37:44 +0000 #12
South Korea and Japan in the year live match may be performed
zzzddd7772010-02-26 07:28:37 +0000 #13
Who knows ah
Free 10572010-02-26 08:42:57 +0000 #14
dream. Because the Chinese football has rotten to the root, and not saved.



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