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To find a report on the work of football

Limiao Miaomiao2010-02-26 09:10:16 +0000 #1
I am a very good football skills, but has been second is how old, please help me look for what is about football, for example, Pei Lian, or teaching children soccer. . . . Thank you
66598aa2010-02-26 09:15:22 +0000 #2
football-related work: football commentary, soccer magazine columnist, primary and secondary coach, football schools, assistant, or the various super-club cheerleaders. Items you want to really like watching the ball, understanding football, love football.

Get B-Coach Training Certificate (or other national associations recognized by the appropriate level of certificate), and after one of the following conditions, all have A-level instructor training qualification was:

1, in at least three years of football training persons;

2, with 10 years of professional football experience (counting from 18 years of age) or more than 3 years or more representatives of the national team to participate in continental competitions retired athletes and football coaches have worked in 2 years;

3, men and women at all levels of the national Team-the-job coaching and engaged football coach who worked for at least a year.

To obtain C-level coaches training certificate (or other national associations recognized by the appropriate level of certificate), and after one of the following conditions are courses with a B-class coaches registration qualifications:

1, in at least three years of football training persons;

2, sports, professional football faculties graduates and graduate students involved in football training at least 2 years;

3, with 10 years of professional football experience (counting from 18 years of age) or three years on behalf of the national team to participate in inter-continental retired athletes for more than the competition and to engage football coach who worked for at least a year;

who meet the following conditions, could apply to participate in C-level job training Coaches:

1. Not obtained the certificate of job training for soccer coaches;

2. Retired professional football player;

3. Primary and secondary school physical education teachers or those interested in the football coaching job and will have some basis for those football.

When the referee first and foremost regardless of what the full even through football referee qualification exam, when even after the adoption of law enforcement during a given period based on your performance, even by foot to decide whether you have the ability to play the law enforcement-type game

If you are large-scale competition in law enforcement have a serious misjudgment could prohibit you enough to even the law enforcement or even cancellation of your qualification certificates

this ...... you must first linked with a regional associations, do not know who you are there, to Beijing as an example he will have to link it of a certain district associations, and is the examination, accumulation of matches played, and then test on a blown game ........ until the upgraded "world-class." Of course, bad referee circle is mixed, the best they are. As for the constraints to regional soccer optimistic about it, where a more detailed

You can go to a club practice what to Apply

You can first professional sports knowledge to enrich themselves, then go to radio, doing sports program's host, do a very good fire. I used to go to school in Wuhan, Wuhan Transportation Sports of the popular basketball Zhang Tao and evening sports 夜话 of Yi Yi, in particular the fire. Do not believe you can listen online, sports 夜话 is the night I do not know 10:00 to 11:00 or 11:00 to 12:00, that is, into the audience to talk sports, too many people, it is difficult to play in..

To learn foreign languages. If you really particularly like, then you must have perseverance. Note that oral is the most important, if you want to mix in China, basically it is difficult (and mixed up is that you have to special good personnel, which in turn with the original intention of your favorite football inconsistent). So you should change line Liuyang, in returning, but then you will find yourself in China, something difficult to implement. Therefore, there must be the top, when the time hope you will come across a good master can really let go right to your boss, in order to achieve your aspirations with each other, but also inspired a group have the same vision of the economic predators, when the You may be the epoch-making significance of a Chinese football person. Mourinho at a very early age an oath to become the world's best coaches, no one of the oh. He could proficient in England, Portugal, Spain, Italy, 4 language. From the old Robertson's assistant and started, then follow the Luo SIR to Barcelona as a translator but it is still teaching assistant, the assistant football Mourinho research experience is the most obsessed period. I believe that with your enthusiasm this point you are very easy to do it this way, so it is most critical is what I said that before the words, can you do that? This good is very Hao O! Said simply, you need to have the foundation in working abroad, then is your passion for soccer to guide you into football practitioners. Recommended Louzhu watching a film "The Shawshank Redemption." Do not make me back my criticism of realists, assimilation for you.
xiaopaigu20092010-02-26 09:51:22 +0000 #3
Do you have professional qualification wow players?



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