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FIFA ONLINE defender around midfield magician magician

always wonder child2010-02-26 12:10:28 +0000 #1
Who can give a few around in the avant-garde, left guard sorcerer, (must be a physical high, speed is good), though a small hope that prawns were to refer to a brother Ming Road, and another which Qian Yao magician, to find a substitute Kaka
524,744,9852010-02-26 12:13:07 +0000 #2
Rasmussen left posterior


and then Deqie Li Lun Bupa Ito

In fact, only the last two can be counted is a magician

but the cheaper the left after the fast, after all, there are those

克里希埃弗 Lacy Walker defender John Arne Riise these BT and then the right rear

Cordoba (in fact, he the original is the defender, but I was too short to play with his right back)



Ge Nuer other BT wheat Kombo Xinwaxixi Hispaniola Qaim Alves

midfield replacement, but in fact the number of multi - to too much

Qiao coro Messina which two individuals feel very good if you brush Kaka is Serie A's then continue to brush the two individual bar

Also in Rome have Taddei barely can use

the last avant-garde I do not recommended because it is too many lots to talk about

in Serie A to add a sorcerer Abate
dulianzhouyuti2010-02-26 12:49:46 +0000 #3
sub-'''''' silent

oh no it back to you talk about the strike

speed is not slow in 后卫默特萨克 198CM''''' 76 seems to be reflected in the body faster Invincible

Yepes world's top defender but not very well known not directly proportional to the strength and reputation do not doubt his usefulness

De Rossi steals more actively and vigorously vicious kick volley very good

so back (because of basic differences between so with little say)

Sorin Even after the lapse of 30 years of age has not diminished much, but the speed is still a fullback, one of the best candidates for this

Lennon Well the speed should be no more than how to accelerate both 95 his value goes without saying, but his body and pass it on the shooting can not be proposed only brought the table and lead the fast break defense can pull

Lugano that the person is back in optimum height of about 188 defense, 347 and it just works perfect header back to the fullback in very well qualified!

Finally say a few words Oh, you have no points to is only so much an estimate, only that I give you so many characters'''''' 0 points for me on the value of so many characters

En nonsense that much LZ hope that these can help



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