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Brazil VS Argentina's national team history, battle record who knows?

attack is the best defense2010-01-21 10:01:21 +0000 #1
Argentina and Brazil, two South American giants history, race results with each other who knows?

The more complete the better!

Thank you
Manchester United dynasty2010-01-21 10:03:48 +0000 #2
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Brazilian team to 35 wins 24 level 34 bear slightly prevail

Argentina 34 wins 24 flat 35 negative, Progressive 149 balls loss of 145 balls, slightly behind.

World Cup finals: fighting hand to hand four times, Brazil, 2 wins 1 Ping a negative gain the upper hand

America's Cup: fighting hand to hand 32 times, Argentina 15 wins and 8 level 9

World preliminaries held the upper hand: fighting hand to hand until a total of five times, both 2 wins a flat two negative tie

in the FIFA official website, Argentina and Brazil in September 20, 1914 of the trial, becoming recognized by FIFA's first official game, the result in that friendly against Argentina in the three : 0 win over Brazil. Two teams fighting hand to hand in the World Cup finals four times, Brazil, 2 wins 1 Ping a negative prevail. Living on a preliminary total of only two teams fighting hand to hand five times, the two sides held two wins tied a level 2. 2010 World preliminaries for the first time the two sides clash in Argentina's 0-0 draw away to Brazil.

Into the 21st century, Brazil and Argentina, fighting hand to hand a total of nine times, Argentina 2 wins 2 in absolute level 5 under negative wind, and it also includes lost two America's Cup final and a Fed Cup final, Argentina 16 years missed International Competition winner, Samba Corps is undoubtedly their greatest nightmare. Also since 2005, Argentina beat Brazil 3-1 at home alive after the preliminaries, most recently four years, four games against Brazil would not win achievements, including consecutive three games are the three ball fiasco. Today, Argentina needed a victory to end this humiliating history.



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