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[ "World Cup"] What is offside??

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offside rule is that in 1874 the formal rules of soccer rules. However, when the offside rule with the current offside rule is very different. At that time provides that: members of the attacking side to attack Daoqian Chang, Shou-side in front of players if only two people (including the goalkeeper), the then the offensive player even if the offside. 70 In the early 19th century, football began to flourish in the West and other countries, then, the general emphasis on attack, and less attention to defense. This is evident from a number of countries were commonly used in game Lineup (1217,1226) and they can see clearly placed in front of the striker went so far as many as 67 players. The invaders attack Daoqian Chang, burst like a flood, as unstoppable. Shou-Fang grabbed the ball, it is often easier to attack successfully. In this way, many people due to the offensive, defensive few people, resulting in offensive and defensive power of a very uneven, has seriously affected the development of skills and tactics and improving. In addition, due to the lack of offensive numbers on the two sides are evenly matched confrontation, the game can not be that intense and wonderful. To this end, some people would consider doing something in the tactical Lineup, while others tried to attack the rules on a party with appropriate restrictions. Offside rule is, in this context generated.

Now use offside rule is provided in 1925, its techniques and tactics of football development, has played a significant role in promoting. In a sense, the system provided there is no offside, no football today.

Offside is, by definition is the meaning of the location of the ball over. With the rules of football jargon is this: the ball closer to the players than the other end line, that is in offside position. In other words, when the players kick or head the ball when the ball with the team members stood in the other half in position in front of the ball, and he and the other between the end line, and only the other side, when a player is offside.

If the same team members back to pass when the pass or in parallel (ie parallel to the ball and catch people away from the other end line equivalent), the ball were not offside, because he was not in front of the ball, only in parallel with the ball.

Penalty offside the key, not in the team the ball, but at the same time that members of the team ball, or head the ball with the team members to play the moment. When the ball when the player without the ball in offside position, but kick the ball in the air or on the ball when you go offside position shall not be offside penalty. On the contrary, although the team members of the team with the ball at the time of offside position, and then ran back to catch the non-offside position, it should be offside penalty.

In the other players, when playing with the team members, or stopping the ball, regardless of which side of the team, no matter in what position, no offside at all. Because the judge was referring to the same team members offside when the moment passes, it is to determine the thrust and the key to offside.

If you keep out of off-side player deliberately caused by the attacking side is offside players improper conduct of the referee not only failed to sub-Attack Team offside, but should be into dead ball players to be a warning to the defensive side.

FIFA's latest rules: members of the station's location relative to each other parallel to the last defender (except goalkeeper), is not offside.

The following conditions can not be considered offside:

1. Players in the side less than half those.

2. The other side there are two more recent than the person on the other end line.

3. The last ball or the players who play for each other.

4. Directly received goal kick, corner kick, the ball lay people and the referee throwing the ball thrown.

Member who is in offside position, if the referee that the player does not affect the game, getting in the way each other's activities, or not from the offside position in which access to favorable conditions, should not be fined.

If the referee has to judge a player offside, but referee whistle to stop play before the defensive side contact with players attempting to intercept the ball, the ball was again offside players controlled by the member shall be fined for offside. This issue has been talked about before, because the final ball for the other team members.

If the referee has determined players offside whistle, the defensive side players have been exposed due to intercept the ball, the ball is offside under the control of players, then the member should still be fined for crossing the line, because when the ball with the team members, the whistle and the referee has determined that the team is offside. Means that the member has a foul, but also we often say in an earlier foul.

Rules provide that: The last ball or the players who play for each other, which is not offside.

This provision refers to team members while at offside position, but the ball, or play to his team members are not the same but the other players.

Team offense, due to momentum of the relationship between the body crossed the goal line (running inside the network), the referee should look at the possible implications of the goalkeeper of the team members to decide whether to offside penalty.

The audience in the stands watching the game, because the relationship between the angle is often that a team had been offside, and in fact there is no offside. Only the linesman to correctly determine the location of players is offside.

Offside rule in football is very important to a rule, but also more complex rules. By definition, generally speaking, the fans can understand it is basically the spiritual essence. However, the situation is complicated football match ever-changing market players constantly running, like there is a spear, like there is a shield, with built offside tactics, but also anti offside tactics.

Offside situation is varied, offside is the attacking side of the big "exclusive", an offensive threat to a very often lost in "Offside" body. Shou-Fang is also commonly made offside trap to crumble a strong offensive, does not charge any effort to be the ball to "grab" to the side by the indirect free kick the ball
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What is offside?

1. Any offensive player than the ball closer to the goal line by the other party shall be in offside position. The following except:

a. the member in this square in half.

B. At least two other players than the players closer to each other's goal line.

2. When the team play, or hit the ball of the moment, with team members in a offside position, the referee considered that the member of the following acts should be ruled offside:

a. interfering with play or interfering with each other;

b. an attempt to benefit from the offside position.

3. The following circumstances, players should not be judged offside:

a. players are only at the offside position;

b. players direct access to it goal kick, corner kick or throw bounds.

4. Players offside penalty, the referee should be sentenced by the other players to play in place of an indirect free kick offside. If the player offside in each other's goal area, then the free kick goal in the overrun area where the implementation of any location.

Of the International Council on the offside resolution:

1. Judged offside, based on the same team members the moment the ball passed to him, rather than the ball when he was. If players are in the non-offside position, with team members to throw him the ball or kick a free kick, the players ran to the front of the ball flight does not constitute offside.

2. If the offensive player is parallel to each other's penultimate defender or sub-parallel to each other over the last two (including 2) defensive players, then the offensive player is not offside.
cqz52010-02-27 16:18:59 +0000 #4
an analogy, if this requirement is not offside, then everyone would have come to each other in front of goal, where to go, and waiting for his team came Bai Chuan, we scored only puts inside it wants to, there is no extraordinary wonderful , and no long pass short pass Han's,

Therefore, the offensive players and between each other's goal to have to defend more than two people (including the goalkeeper) "Note that the above sentence is" You can not are more than the defensive close to the goal, of course, your teammates pass to you that moment, so your attention to look at the TV when the broadcast will be repeated in slow motion a lens, that is, to see his teammates pass him the moment he has closer to the goal than the defender.
--------- This is called "offside"



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