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Mancini now in Manchester off please? They had originally been named "Man" ah

u_look_likc_sb2010-02-27 15:10:56 +0000 #1

Magic Little Penguin2010-02-27 15:19:02 +0000 #2
4 game winning streak in
sobis2062010-02-27 15:42:14 +0000 #3
fine. . . 4 game winning streak of the
at home into a2010-02-27 16:14:26 +0000 #4
flies okay bar, after all, Manchester City deep pockets, can buy what you want players, team strongman also many, a little strength coach can take a good
VIP 尐 treasure2010-02-27 16:04:15 +0000 #5
in Manchester can live very well
Bailong Jun2010-02-27 16:10:56 +0000 #6
Manco in Manchester too proud, the impact of four straight league titles later!



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