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When St. football game by two points become one-third of the market why change

the upper hand will struggle2010-01-21 13:01:42 +0000 #1

Tony ate abalone ear 882010-01-21 13:16:58 +0000 #2
soccer games 3 points system is not a very beginning, and in 94, before the World Cup is also the implementation of the 2-point scale, that is, win a get 2 points, flat One was a sub. But then, many teams in the European leagues in order to get Bao-ping of a sub, tactical arrangement was particularly serious impact on the conservative view of football . in some countries of the Football Association launched a three-point scale compelled to encourage the attack has led some only a sub-team give up their fantasies. can be considered for offensive soccer and the stir-bar fire. October 27, 1994, FIFA officially confirmed in the whole world within the scope of the official football game to implement three-point scale, while the extended period of "golden death" showdown.
Visual Feast2010-01-21 13:28:57 +0000 #3
The fundamental purpose is to encourage offensive



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