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nike soccer shoes, NO inquiries, thank you

Xiangjian striker2010-02-28 06:10:29 +0000 #1
NIKE TOTAL90 SHOOT II FG soccer shoes, shoes 318887-371 whether there is this, if there is a brief account
Quanzhou only2010-02-28 06:21:03 +0000 #2
Hello, there you are talking about this shoes, as shown. TOTAL90 SHOOT II series of football shoes endorsement by the Manchester United star Wayne Rooney, the spikes species apart from FG (plastic nail), there are TF (broken nail), HG (synthetic nail), IN (flat). Mainland China sold TOTAL90 SHOOT II FG soccer shoes, many of origin is from Vietnam. The following are pairs of shoes on this introduction, hope of help to you.

Product: TOTAL90 SHOOT II FG soccer shoes

Item: 318887-371

Brand: NIKE / NIKE

Category: Football shoes

Style: Male models

Color: Black

other colors: Green

Level: Entry-level

for player: Universal

Upper Material: Synthetic leather + Mesh layer of cloth

Spike Category: FG plastic nail

for foot type: normal foot

suitable venues: Artificial Turf

Technology Application: upper friction or friction of particles

Listed Time: 2009

Counters List Price: ¥ 599
wanghao66232010-02-28 06:45:20 +0000 #3
have this shoe is the Rooney endorsement, the counter original price was 599



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