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Juventus vs Forecast International Scores

Distant San Siro2010-02-28 09:10:27 +0000 #1
international team for the state better than Ewing, but Ewing's basically no hope of winning league, Champions League eliminated, Juve will fight for the honor and the international Sipin a?
Human_Torch2010-02-28 09:25:56 +0000 #2
I am a Juve fan, for the recent state of Juventus are very worried about Juve in the short term recovery, I find it very difficult, although I look forward to an early Juve win back the feeling, but I do not think will be today, I expect 3 to 0 win Inter Milan Juventus
Han Geng dead father2010-02-28 09:54:00 +0000 #3

Support Juve



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