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How do you see Platini's Champions League Policy

The upper hand will struggle2010-01-21 17:01:22 +0000 #1
Michel Platini's Robin Hood is also a perfect place, we should make football a more prosperous and popular -

so that the ball and the soccer weak countries have the opportunity to participate personally in contact with a high level or even a high level of competition is really good.

2009-08-30 10:28 improve the reward 100 points

2009-09-01 16:30 supplementary question

No matter how the reform, those who had the strength of the team will eventually stand on the highest level of the stage, fans were also be able to enjoy one after another in the strong-strong dialogue, which also made between different countries in various league teams had opportunities to communicate. Champions League does not disappear, Platini should seriously think about the future direction of to the event more attractive.
yulei86672010-01-21 17:14:12 +0000 #2
also supportive -

First of all, football results or the league less-developed areas can also be exposed to the world's highest level of competition, not only for the small country's football development will certainly help, more far-reaching impact is popular for football help, so that the football fans have the opportunity to effect experience the world-class football (instead of China, spend money to hire people to do performances)

Also, just so I think the salary cap policy is also very good, first of all does not limit you to spend money, but only if you need to spend your own money, that too many restrictions on the team move into the big-name players and the team may make some fans unhappy, and hence the move into the become a type of policy not to invest in, that can not borrow money to buy players and then expect a high degree of competition concerns after exciting back to fill the vacancy on the funds (ie, cancel the credit card system the team, ha ha ...)

total to said Platini's right to maintain a positive attitude towards the various policies.

Louzhu right to make football more prosperous we should spread.

Therefore, in order to spread, football have to shoot anti-monopoly license.

Like the upstairs have a friend who said, to break the traditional pattern is not possible, but we must spread the prosperity is the core of the policy.
Zezheng2010-01-21 17:24:46 +0000 #3
Last year, the new UEFA president Michel Platini after taking office, in order to curb the Champions League by five teams, especially the English Premier League team of the monopoly introduced the Champions League's restructuring program. However, this does not change the traditional pattern of European football. Even in the strength is considered closer to the contest, the five major league teams still able to secure an advantage. As we all know, in competitive sports, victory is the only basis for the strength. With the strength of a team, no matter what kind of obstacles encountered, you can still went straight championship away. With abundant capital and good management, the Premiership club for 3 consecutive seasons in the Champions League semi-finals are to occupy the three places, which some people will inevitably become the thorn in the flesh. However, like the Chinese, like table tennis, regardless of the competition rules, even the ball, the racket made changes in how their strengths are still unable to shake, but there is a growing trend.

But from the fans perspective, they look at the Champions League competition is to enjoy the highest level of competition, of course, Platini's restructuring team to the level of Europe as a whole has been improved, so that the civilian teams have the opportunity to participate in high level competitions, but the event, fundamentally speaking, is a grand clubs, there is no money, no way to play this high level of competition, a team's strength is the fundamental factor, but also can not forget the team's financial situation will also affect the club play. Without a high level of the players on the team support, to face Real Madrid, Barcelona, as the teams can only play will be defeated, that ugly point, then it is studying the role of princes in fact small ball in Europe Team does not provide much help, but will expand the distance between, so that the strong stronger and the weak weaker. While the fans, the game enjoy the standards have dropped and they do not there will be more attention into the Champions League which, this game will be a gradual loss of spectacular.

Favorable there will be disadvantages for each policy, there will be a relative of the existence of the weak teams get the chance to take part in competitions, and accumulated experience of the game, this is a good thing, only in the restructuring, there are still some unreasonable factor. UEFA president Michel Platini has been able to became an important reason is that small associations have been to vote, but in order to take care of these associations, Platini made an important commitment is, in the race for Champions League They retain the five places. Of this approach is a direct result of the Champions League qualifying round schedule and time than usual elongated. This year's Champions League qualifying round starting time is June 30, while in previous years, is in mid-July. In this way, into the qualifying team, faced with the burden is even greater, with UEFA to reduce the burden on players and teams is contrary to the original intention.

Some people worry about joy, this is actually inside the most affected are not the clubs, nor are those small clubs, but the strength of those in the middle of Europe team. Such as Greece, Portugal, Turkey and other teams in the competition seats has been reduced in the outstanding performance in the qualifiers, we can see that their strength is far above the strength of those weak teams, and even have such a weak Bresin teams are able to participate in their own strength than they are not able to play well, psychological imbalance will inevitably feel a long period of what kind of consequences can be imagined, Platini to reform the long way to go.

Of course, no matter how the reform, those who had strength of the team will eventually stand the highest level of the stage, fans can also enjoy one after another in a strong-strong dialogue, which also made between different countries in various leagues With the ranks of the opportunities for exchanges. Champions League does not disappear, Platini should seriously think about the future direction of to the event more attractive.
angel_sun2010-01-21 18:03:02 +0000 #4
can not change the overall pattern of the present, five major league team is strong, other teams what they made not a threat.



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