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Why can not the National Security wins championship?

A self-pass2010-01-21 23:01:40 +0000 #1
National Security Why can not champion wins, not the coach incompetent, not the players incompetent. Boss, the media, the fans are the culprit! Let me talk about the boss Luo Ning, China's football boss is not the most active but the Ronin Jun Zhu. Jun Zhu nothing more than lip service may be just lip service is Huyou media and entertainment the general public, not finger pointing Jia跑跑, Jun Zhu of non-interference does not mean that the coaching staff, I believe that the internal Jun Zhu also points an accusing finger, but also internal. The Ronin On the contrary, each race finished, the General Association of Romanian first time out "speech", and each content of the speech is not a motivation but the provocation, the provocation it is because of the media, fans will be as ground . You are an amateur football who do not understand why the how to play football, people change how unwarranted accusations? Is incentive subordinates, stressing unity and this is not you should do? Lee Jang-su is not a top coach, in Asia, are at best a second-rate, but you can afford to pay first-class coach? That have the Zeixin, you have this Zeidan do? CITIC Guoan is not as if you say the operator of the bar? Have also proved that the level of second-class coaches are basically similar, so this class is a change in anything else, the results not as good as this, the Chinese football is something that still small? National Security this year is the significant expenditures Shenhua also spend a lot of it year after year? Year after year to win it? To be honest, the level of national security is a top 5, losing win are normal, why touch it must win, hitting that must win, and when he is Basara? Barca have time to lose it! Home two goals behind, and called, after class, what is? Substitution on the goal, midfielder scheduling an immediate effect of the second half, twice equalized did not see? On what basis would have to be to win the national security, national security of the lineup has not yet strong enough to go that far, technical and tactical style of play in question, do you design a technical and tactical, I see well-known high technical and tactical Horton, FIFA instructor what? Is not it wants to, and soccer is by no means as simple as one plus one, if you do not understand can only say that you Chazhiqianli. Went on to say the media, how the media in Beijing as the fence like it, win on the Korean Happening, transmission of a crisis on the school hours. Why did not win last year, the media deal with 30% of the responsibility. Besides the fans (refers only to Beijing fans), looking at you fine tiger spirit, how old it was led by the nose? Media Yam said, let's response to Han, the evil spell was really a bit of vigor, analyze some truth out of the class is, he naturally can not stay, drag affect the morale of the troops to say that you are a pseudo-fans also Gaotai you. National Security can not seize the highest, non-defeat others, defeated by his own!

Results ball into the2010-01-21 23:03:33 +0000 #2
do not prefer to be fat Luo Zhu! Boss regarded Shenhua "play" into any virtue, and he did not criticize Jia Xiuquan, because what the Lao Jia Zhu heard of. The boss said that whoever decentralization decentralization, the boss what to say on what tactics and tactics, and even the boss can command such a lackey to bear criticized them?

This is not how the season, and Ronin is a "honey, then" the game finished on a speech, which he should not be the best, he should first review. As for the issue of rigid tactical Lee Jang-su is not discovered until this year had (in 2007 lost to Gao Hongbo It is this drawback), so it do not let Old Lee after class, and a stable living morale of the troops kick down this season. As for the championship? Reference Zhuge Liang after the fire was put out at the top of Valley sigh: Man proposes, God disposes bar! 23:07:28 +0000 #3
Beijing Guoan is not championship temperament. If we did not take, can only say that the Tai Lan. . .

Recalled several reasons the least bit of difference, are the key screenings take no less than!



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