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Liverpool, AC Milan, Barcelona, who is also a great ah?

Walk in the era of cutting-edge2010-03-03 13:10:16 +0000 #1
I would like to select from among a supportive team! !
__ children _2010-03-03 13:20:08 +0000 #2
great team each have their own greatness.

You put Liverpool came in the first one, I believe you will because they have relatively large degree of goodwill.

You do not have listed Manchester United, but is very clearly shows you Liverpool recognition.

I want to say is that the three teams, with the history of the best three teams,

if you choose to do KOP, then please remember: Gerard-day Red, life-long Red Army, he is

Anfield is always king.

Please do not turn off the TV when the team behind because of

four years ago, people who have a life-long memorable night in Istanbul.

Please do not abandon the team when the team a bad record, because

Red Army is the most tenacious teams in the history of her perseverance, tenacity, and her charm so that each of the first generation of people contact

England football crazy.

Would like you to become a Kop, with the blessings of the great phoenix!
Wanyi Bai2010-03-03 13:19:28 +0000 #3
suggest you first went to try their jerseys to see which is more like
, or do not choose the first, your heart will make a choice for you

good luck!
super computer magnate2010-03-03 14:25:56 +0000 #4
jky_wang2010-03-03 13:30:06 +0000 #5
AC Milan!
Shenjiang 862010-03-03 13:27:31 +0000 #6
AC Milan
Ai-Ying Hua Hui2010-03-03 15:35:06 +0000 #7

That one foot one foot of the short pass is to measure the distance between the mind and body, rather than the distance before the ball with the goal.
L Tixia punch Lin L2010-03-03 15:26:20 +0000 #8
blind support Shaa, you did not like it, wait for you after the like of which team then we'll talk
『rouge feeling melancholy2010-03-03 15:59:31 +0000 #9
Milan football history was the largest World Series championship team! - The great Milan
Depression writers2010-03-03 15:13:48 +0000 #10
ac Milan, as long as the fans will know a great team.
xieyaozhidao2010-03-03 16:55:44 +0000 #11
80 years Liverpool is great, the great 90's AC. Recently Popular Barcelona
D_O_A__2010-03-03 14:18:31 +0000 #12
bound ACmilan
ldrtm2010-03-03 14:37:40 +0000 #13
AC Milan!
Milan 22 Green2010-03-03 15:50:41 +0000 #14
even asked me this question is certainly true silent Milan Sa 9527. . .



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