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Milan defender Alessandro Nesta backbone of how it?

Keke students2010-03-03 13:10:59 +0000 #1

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Milan two will resume rapidly worse step Nesta Pato Beijing next week to rejoin

January 30 midnight, Italy, the afternoon of January 29 local time, AC Milan official website of the Pa care, Alessandro Nesta and Massimo Oddo the latest report of three injuries. Pato and Alessandro Nesta two generals present a good recovery is expected to return as soon as possible, which suffered two straight games for the Rossoneri last is undoubtedly good news.

Thursday, Pato from Brazil, and returned to the squad, then accepted a medical laboratory in Milan, and in these past few days continue to receive the medical team to resume the treatment, it is estimated in the next few days will be the latest data reports. Depending on the situation, Pato will be accepted within 10 days of the final test to prove that he can re-team training. For their own injury, the Brazilian teenager that the current situation is very good, I hope to return as soon as possible the rehabilitation team, and even some can not wait. In addition, he played on the fans to ensure that they can play against Manchester United.

In addition to Pato, defense pillar of Nesta's injury is more cause for concern. Because right thigh muscle problem, Nesta regret to miss the Milan derby, after the current round of news has proven that he will also miss the game against Livorno, the next the next round in order to return, according to the latest injury report, Martinez Tower is now to begin physical training next week, will rejoin the training.

Another one missed more than a defense player Massimo Oddo recovery is also very good at present, he will receive early next week the last medical examination, and then rejoin before the final, but also subject to a physical test.



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