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Quaresma Technical Features What's the difference with Pavel Nedved

Wang Qiang 3092010-03-04 19:10:16 +0000 #1
If he goes to Juve Juve played left halfback able to resume the bilateral cutting-edge method?
young married woman's tail2010-03-04 19:17:42 +0000 #2
Quaresma is outside the instep with the best players, is typical of a traditional winger, the body is not strong. The Pavel Nedved is Qian Yao, style is more tough, physically strong, technology does not write, you may be better tips boast, but the psychological quality and technological usefulness bucquoy good, Quaresma is a typical view of strong players, very fancy. Ewing's play is very concise, Quaresma is not suitable
bulaike12342010-03-04 19:57:43 +0000 #3

Quaresma speed, flexibility, high, but pass shooting in general is not as good

not as Pavel Nedved. Not necessarily effective.



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