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Football: National Security Fans Come. . . .

angel_sun2010-01-22 06:01:54 +0000 #1
Guo'an how recently, and is always losing, is now a crucial period, in this situation continues, today's league title and also lost.

We talk about, thank you! !

2009-08-22 20:19 supplementary question

to change this: in today's league title and also lost (some not appropriate). Change: This year's league championship has gone.
Results ball into the2010-01-22 06:05:28 +0000 #2
game today looked at the audience, the weather issue is one of the reasons, but not an absolute factor, because the 35-degree heat last week, when Lee Jang-su Beijing specifically for the game and let the players in the summer of training, they already have high-temperature preparation.

Today, the former national security field the ball successfully on several occasions there would be no co-ordination, because the other side of the Bi Qiang more fierce, there is no chance the ball to the national security. Other hand, national security, so that the other party in the front court is too easy to pass, shoot. Tan Sri Lanka's goal appears to be uneven leading to the venue, in fact, throws foul ball in Jiangsu Province, the national security is not a team to close Bi Qiang, the other side easily pass the ball to the foot of Tan Sri Lanka, there is still no Bi Qiang, leading to easy kicker shot.

The whole game without scoring an absolute opportunity for the national security do not lose the confidence of 10 million of



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