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Predicted strong and 8 under the 2010 World Cup, the Champions League last 16. . . . . .

kongshaw2010-03-05 11:10:51 +0000 #1
First into the Champions League this year, out of 16 pairs of arrays to elect the eight strong teams that advance.

2 the next round of the final results please say the reasons for their own reasons please make it brief.

2nd AH by South Africa's World Cup team, will enter the 16 teams listed.

Summarized under the AH group qualifying team, need to consider the factors under the dark horse on the grounds also requested a brief description.

Qualifying for the Champions eight strong teams and the World Cup group stages of the team, the reasons must be "short" set!
W Wang Tai Sin2010-03-05 11:12:44 +0000 #2
Milan ... ... someone to hang, and to the sub-me
Star letter to geo2010-03-05 11:29:12 +0000 #3
Champions League: Real Madrid Barcelona Chelsea, Arsenal, Inter Milan Juventus Manchester United Bayern

World Cup final against Brazil, Spain
zgu2005s2010-03-05 11:46:26 +0000 #4
Champions League : Barcelona Real Madrid Manchester United Arsenal Chelsea Inter Milan Juventus

World Cup champion -------- Netherlands
canivede2010-03-05 12:24:42 +0000 #5
upstairs really funny -

Chelsea and Inter Milan could enter -
xinnian51712442010-03-05 11:58:15 +0000 #6
Champions League - Chelsea to win the World Cup

- should be Brazil
kekeinter2010-03-05 12:31:09 +0000 #7
Inter Milan 16 and engaging the second floor into eight rivals, Chelsea, Juventus are fundamentally group appeared no

Champions League last 16 match against VfB Stuttgart VS Basabasa promotion, there is nothing to say, Barcelona Invincible

Olympia VS Bordeaux optimistic Bordeaux, Blanc's Bordeaux Lyon ended a seven-consecutive

Inter Milan VS Chelsea is difficult to guess, two teams style is similar to mutual understanding between the two head coaches

Bayern VS Fiorentina Bayern optimistic, Raberg (Arjen Robben and Ribery) combination of powerful CSKA VS

bullish Sevilla Sevilla, Sevilla has passed the ball very realistic, but CSKA is still in the league off-season, the state is a problem, but ice and snow in Moscow You Ji competition has brought many uncertainties

AC Milan, Manchester United VS Manchester United bullish, ACM although the league has basically back in the state, but Manchester United play a very strong impact, is most afraid of ACM, Milan derby has been confirmed , Sir Alex to the scene to read, can not fail to seize the weakness of ACM mad play.

Porto VS Arsenal optimistic about Arsenal, Arsene Wenger's young military this year is already run-in shape, to a time when a performance.

Lyon VS Real Madrid Real Madrid bullish, Lyon Juninho after losing last season losing the league this season, also lost Benzema. Real Madrid in the summer to spend 240 million to build the line through half the season run-in, won the Lyon problem.

A group of South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay, France, optimistic about Mexico and France, Mexico, group stage has never had any problems, although the mess but as long as the French star flashes of inspiration is enough to qualify.

B group optimistic about Argentina and Nigeria South Korea, Greece Greece and South Korea, the first seeded Argentine is currently no tactics at all, the players effectively running small, encountered Greece and South Korea be able to run super-super-defensive team can not have any advantage, the team of Greece and South Korea is an important guarantee for their outlet.

C group optimistic about England, England, Slovenia, Algeria, the United States, the other one of those places created between the United States and Slovenia. England's superior strength of this group, and now Capello's careful teaching, to a team already full of players to build into a very good group. The United States had good performance in the past several competitions, almost won the Confederations Cup in Brazil. Slovenia, out of the Guus Hiddink's Russia.

D Group optimistic about Germany and Australia, Ghana, Germany and Serbia Serbia World Cup in Germany have performed well, playing a weak team than their very experience. Serbia, former Yugoslavia football representatives, technology flows to deal with Australia and Ghana should be no problem.

E Group Netherlands, Denmark and Japan Cameroon optimistic about the Netherlands and Denmark, the Netherlands and Denmark, Japan should first rule out the physical advantages so obvious that Japan is afraid of. Cameroon is not enough challenge to European teams.

F group of New Zealand, Slovakia, Italy and Paraguay bullish Italian outlet (far away), New Zealand Moxi. Slovakia and Paraguay, the town of one of those places specifically say no hobbies, tend to Paraguay, Slovakia, the first time no experience.

G Unit Côte d'Ivoire, Brazil, Korea, Portugal in favor of Brazil, Dunga's team is a Europeanization of the Brazilian team, very utilitarian, very practical. Côte d'Ivoire and Portugal, a struggle, tend to Côte d'Ivoire, Portugal has no center, two wings are very powerful but no one in the very fear of the body a good team. Cote d'Ivoire Warcraft either the first time is the last Group of Death is the most likely dark horse. Session held in Africa there should be an African team qualifying.

H team of Spanish Switzerland, Honduras and Chile optimistic about Spain and Chile, Spain is very strong, Chile Bielsa set-up under the very well.
I Love Yu Xiang2010-03-05 13:06:20 +0000 #8
Bordeaux Inter Milan Real Madrid Barcelona Manchester United Arsenal Chelsea Bayern

Champion: A Century of Real

Germany, Serbia, Uruguay, Argentina and Nigeria

England, France, Italy, Paraguay and Brazil United States Portugal, Spain and Chile
jansenjj2010-03-05 14:04:51 +0000 #9
I predict the Champions League quarter-finals are: Barcelona, Bordeaux, Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Sevilla, A m, Arsenal, Real Madrid;

reasons: 1. Stu is not good good at defensive attack, Barca's fierce offensive that their goal would labeled as sieves;

2. French Bordeaux as a new crown, the players individual skill far above Greeks;

3. Nanfenbozhong Chelsea and Inter Milan, according to recent Champions League performance, the Inter could remain soft leather;

4. Bayern's recent performance is very stable, To be Franck Ribery injury, and Arjen Robben pairs of ghost-door, it should repel Zi-jun;

5. Sevilla on the fame, power are top in the Army, and the first emperor of the favorable conditions for passengers should be able to qualify;

6.A Yuanjialuzhai rice and Manchester United, Manchester United Champions League Laola to deal with, defensive counter-attack A-m is not necessarily to be accounted for cheap;

7. Arsenal, although the group stage qualify well, but Porto are not a good nut to crack, it may result will be a difficult cut ;

8. Real Madrid lost to Lyon? Benzema would not agree.
kongxiuze2010-03-05 14:05:57 +0000 #10
Champions League last 16 against and 8 of the strength prediction

Stuttgart - Barcelona: Gap obvious Barcelona emerged.

Olympiakos - Bordeaux: Bordeaux aging and play defensive back, Ollie horse Idiaquez home the devil, promising Bordeaux.

--- Chelsea, Inter Milan: Coach mutual understanding, I Inter Milan fans, promising to play a beat Chelsea, Inter Milan long.

Bayern --- Florence: Bayern Recently brave,, Florence is also on the strength, optimistic about Bayern.

CSKA - Seville: Sevilla strength advantage, Russia weather in February, promising Sevilla.

AC Milan - Manchester United: Manchester United dominated the strength, Leonardo lack of competition experience, experienced Ferguson, Manchester United win.

Porto - Arsenal: Arsenal in recent years, the war in Europe a stable performance, strength far exceeds Porto, Arsenal wins.

Lyon - Real Madrid: Real Madrid strength advantage, Lyon play is also open to exchange that Real Madrid should be able to win over Lyon.

A group of 16 World Cup: South Africa, although the host, but the strength difference between the apparent severe reduction in the level of Mexico in recent years, France and Uruguay qualify.

B Group: Nigeria is no longer the momentum of past African Eagle, South Korea have also been setbacks, Greece and Argentina should be a smooth outlet.

C Group: England were superb in this group, the other three teams a draw, promising stunning Confederations Cup and experienced the United States.

D Group: Germany stand out, Australia and Ghana, much worse off than four years ago, promising qualifying to become Serbia beat Italy's dark horse.

E Group: The Netherlands team tournament should be no problem, Japan is weak, appears promising Cameroon beat Denmark.

F Group: Italy and Paraguay, New Zealand study estimated that only princes, Slovakia remains to be tested.

G Group: Brazil and Portugal, Portugal, relatively stable performance in the past several competitions, North Korea is weak, Côte d'Ivoire would have difficulty upset.

H Group: Spanish heat, Honduras weak, Switzerland and Chile, rather, the same high level of tactical ability optimistic about the European team.
Z___HUI2010-03-05 13:41:35 +0000 #11
Barcelona, Bordeaux, Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Sevilla, Manchester United, Arsenal, Real Madrid



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