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Adidas 2010 World Cup shirt on! Guiqiu answer!

The most Red Liverpool 丶2010-03-05 15:10:02 +0000 #1
I want to buy a 2010 World Cup, Argentina's home jersey, but there are two versions, one version of the players tight-fitting, and the other is the fans with the previous version is not much different from buying a shirt. Do not know what to buy a good fitting can obviously see the kind of behind the role played tight strip material does not look good, while I heavier than the average 14-year-old 174cm weight 70kg or so it will be too short to wear tight-fitting or the collapse of the ugly little? Version of the watching fans, okay. I want to ask next is not all Argentine players wear tight-fitting playing version (there are two kinds of players version of another one is tight is not tight nor is it the fans, but not publicly available version), Mei Xia Gui Luo, big wearing not a tight-fitting? Fans more inclined to buy what a friend (price factor to consider temporarily) brother am running out Guiqiu ah!
s888hi2010-03-05 15:22:08 +0000 #2
Even if that is not really tight players are wearing. Many of them have a lining. Personally, I think tight-fitting to reduce air resistance, and good pull. But as fans, many of which are casual wear on the outside, even if the play would not have any effect and does not require professional enough.

Besides Actually, your weight is not heavy, (unless the weight of the stomach) to wear what all good. I tend to loose that, you can with a lot of pants, not ugly.
juinsta2010-03-05 15:34:44 +0000 #3
players are basically wearing tight-fitting, and fans Well, basically not buy tight-fitting, because the tight too expensive. Mainly depends on you have muscles, muscular strategy to wear tight-fitting, otherwise, unless you want to show your fat, or to buy a fan version of the Bar



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