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When AC Milan in order to re-brilliant?

Distant San Siro2010-03-05 17:11:23 +0000 #1

fashions akigumo2010-03-05 17:26:35 +0000 #2
A will never be the person you Go to hell!

Milan, due to relatively large staff and tactical adjustments, but also some run-in and adaptation, defense of the issues should be more serious, because if Nesta and Silva have a person can not play then the defense will be there a big problem. Midfielder personnel and some aging, but the state can also feel it is Pirlo, Ronaldinho up front recovery, striker Pato and Borriello are good, and now before the loss of Milan, not completely without the tricks of Kaka. Can be said that there was a slight signs of recovery. Although the sense of Leonardo's 4-2 - the creative shaping the effectiveness of certain, but it is not mature, coupled with bald reluctant to shell out the money to buy them, so still need a certain recovery time.

Each team will have a trough before the peak, I believe that Milan will be able to rejuvenation, to reproduce the then brilliant!
Crazy _Leo2010-03-05 17:22:17 +0000 #3
re glory takes time, but also needs money.
7-an 9232010-03-05 17:28:13 +0000 #4
A never be the person you are quickly die Bar!

Should be very soon, a veteran teams will certainly rise again.

Actually, there appears to be good.

Believe it will improve with time.

Upstairs to say good, Berlusconi pays for that old guy is not willing to be a problem.

I also suspect that a year is willing to spent their own money to buy the Netherlands Three Musketeers of the people, how it is so stingy.

Many newcomers have been rented out or let out of the pre-emption is also heartbreaking.

However, no matter how hard I believe it would get better.

I have always never suspect.
Enya's wangcai2010-03-05 18:24:53 +0000 #5
A will never be the person you Go to hell!

Next season, Inzaghi, and Klaas-Jan Huntelaar will leave, and up front only Pato and Borriello, and this is clearly not, certainly would give new aid, while Andrea Pirlo and so the departure of one vote in person only a matter of time, and personally feel that the departure of these players incomplete is a bad thing, I would rather look forward to an early completion of major shake-up in Milan, Milan, rest on our laurels too serious to be shake-up, the key is to replace the current development thinking, from the novae and mining has the potential to develop the new start, take a look at recent sold Paroski so. . . Milan is no longer the super-wealthy, and can no longer 打肿脸充胖子, and of course the most important thing, of course, pray for Tony bald quickly get out!



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