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Predictions about Ribery

Sky Love Fan Chen2010-01-22 11:02:05 +0000 #1
If you keep Ribery Bayern high price move to Real would be a three lose. Transfer is a win-win!

Is not convinced give it a try.

Welcome to talk about.
Zezheng2010-01-22 11:04:23 +0000 #2
First of all, I agree with Lou Zhu opinion!

I am a Bayern fan, this summer, Ribery to move on the plethora of news, as far as I know, I was a Franck Ribery want to leave Bayern!

In my opinion, his Bayern team to do such a wealthy boss is not it?

I can not see him for what is intended to honor? for money? for the environment? To .. .

, as Lou Zhu said, Bayern let them go, that is, three lost! where a player is not loyal to his team, asking him what does that mean? seems to think of job-hopping every day an employee, the boss will use it kinds of heart who are in Cao Ying Han people?

the fans point of view, I would like to Real Madrid this summer can bring together the four major leagues other famous figures, we can also see a lively look at the new season and Real Madrid in the end What can be played to a?

to Bayern fans point of view, if not loyal, please leave immediately, I would leave Bayern are not on your Ribery could not handle the!

to Real Madrid's point of view, really sorry you backward in a man Franck Ribery ah! I give money to a lot of ah, a quick means letting go people? Florentino seems to underestimate the Bayern had!

to the economic perspective If Bayern this summer or the winter also let them go, then to the next summer, the value of Franck Ribery may not so much money, because the contract one year, you do not sell, they would have a second Barak, At that time the initiative is not in the hands of Bayern!

to Franck Ribery's own point of view, why hold onto me away? 80 million euros! a lot, right? Bayern take that money you can buy at least two a world-class players, and you hold onto me go, I was not hard to find a variety of reasons, today's headaches, sore ass tomorrow, I think you are we supposed to!

so my advice is: Now let him go, take money, and then to buy other players in the Bundesliga, has the potential of young players and more, the prices were not high, Franck Ribery is not shown loyalty, let us look very bad mood these fans!
running for the well-being2010-01-22 11:28:26 +0000 #3
Franck Ribery not suitable for Real Madrid, should go to the Premiership -! Real Madrid will only do harm to Franck Ribery. . . Go to Manchester City, Liverpool, can



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