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How Does it hurt leg playing soccer?

Favorite assault2010-03-07 06:11:42 +0000 #1
Such as the title ... I just started to learn. Dianqiu school. However, regardless of loud noise kick (Dianqiu, passing, shooting) feet hurt incredibly ... this is why?

How can I avoid this? ? ? ? ?
Dean Young2010-03-07 06:17:15 +0000 #2
Do not kick with the toes energetically. Otherwise ankle injury. Learned to use feet, legs side handle heavy ball. Secondly, formal wear shoes, sneakers, good or bad does not matter. Do not wear athletic shoes on the kick. To really have money, you can also buy stockings, which loaded shield. Just began practicing pain is in the affirmative. Campaign to make preparations before the sports to do to relax after the activities. Feet can be bubble with hot water at night. If there is movement on the injury must be promptly drugs (spray better). On these bar. I wish you the level of progress.
syyy217wsh2010-03-07 06:39:36 +0000 #3
play before the full activities must be well more than normal pressure foot can be kneeling on the ground feet together, buttocks on the heels do.

Game, as far as possible to avoid the opponent kick your ankle. Control the ball better when the center of gravity.
huaidan05052010-03-07 07:08:22 +0000 #4
side-side kick with their feet
huiflyfly2010-03-07 06:49:16 +0000 #5
normal pumping the ball is with feet, pass with the instep and feet inside the arc. . Rather than the toe kick. . To avoid words. . Multi-kick. . Used to be enough. .
liuguobin198412010-03-07 07:44:06 +0000 #6
that is what you started playing football,

does not apply to the correct footwork,

1. Starting

2. Football match in the start, is the completion of the basis for a variety of technical movements, to a certain extent, affect the quality of technical movements to complete a sudden quick start, be able to complete the technical movements of the ball to gain time advantage. In the tight schedule fierce grab Otherwise tight defense in the obstruction by the other party to the collusion of the ball, and only a sudden quick start, be possible to temporarily get rid of opponents, the first to insert a gap to receive and handle the ball. In a row with the fast pass, the defensive players that only a sudden quick start is it possible to stare is maintained opponent to intercept or destroy opponent control the ball. Therefore, a sudden fast start is within a short distance ahead of the competition, or pegged to the opponent to seize a favorable position of the effective means.

3. From a biomechanical perspective, suddenly a fast start is also the rate of buildup to play as soon as possible, to provide the maximum momentum and kinetic energy.

4. Football match in the start are diverse, there are at rest, there in jogging, there are, after landing in the jump, there is in the process of Paqi lying on the ground, there is in the turning process, there are in the middle-back process. But no matter under what circumstances the start, we must note the following:

① body center of gravity is low, fast-forward straight body.

② stride frequency fast stride is small, swift and strong after the tread.

③ arms with the legs move fast before and after the swing harder.

④ eyes, it is necessary to note that changes in position around the players, but also take into account the movement of the ball. Is conducive to starting the action after the convergence.

2. Run

Run is a basic human activities, skills in football, only to master the technology to run the correct and rational use of various forms of running, in order to play an active role. Speed has become one of the characteristics of modern football. And fast running is a 'football speed' is an important component. Comprehensive type of football game, team members, with the ball movement and changes in market circumstances, in the high-speed movement, such as the collusion of offensive players pulled out from the gap, to occupy a favorable location. Intercept team competition for each other fill the seats, pressed for man marking, have the need for fast running to complete. Therefore, the sport of running has been an important and indispensable one of the technologies without the ball.

Running after the technology, the main action is to tread before the swing. After the pedal movement, first of all in order to stretch the hip began, when the body center of gravity to leave the anchor projective line, we should rapidly and strongly stretched hip, knee, finally tread the toes off the ground. In the post-pedal the end of the hip, knee and ankle joints should be fully extended 3. Pre-swing when the legs after the start pedal, the swing leg to the knee leading a positive attitude towards the top of the thigh, leg drive swing, with the ipsilateral hip before the delivery, in order to drive forward body, big legs swing naturally folded to reduce and speed up before the swing speed, when the thigh placed in the highest point, they began to actively under the pressure, leg swings forward with the inertia, with the former a natural and positive manner, the soles of the feet, the finished? quot; lying land 'movements. Upper body forward at the same time an appropriate and prompt a strong front and rear swing arms, legs coordinated with the force of the pedal quickly put to promote the body to move forward quickly.

In the football match, with the offensive and defensive changing require players to have complete control of jogging, run, run straight lines, curves run, broken line running and sideways running, raglan run, running back, etc. without the ball technology.



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