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Scored a hat-trick most people?

Hand of God 862010-03-07 22:10:16 +0000 #1

66598aa2010-03-07 22:26:41 +0000 #2
Most hat-trick in the history of world football is Pele 92 times, details are as follows:

Bailey's figure is not outstanding, but it has a great talent. Excellent speed, superb balance, a broad field of vision as well as the amazing ball-handling skills, these are his "weapons" and, of course, feet, as well as a header and a more precise technique to help him shoot again and again to knock on goal. In Bailey's career, a total of 1363 games played an official game, scored 1281 goals, which is recorded in case of an official record. Among them, Pele 6 times in a game scored 5 goals, 30 games into a single four goals, 92 hat-trick against Botafogo in 1964, the game, he scored eight goals in a more ! Year, scoring over 100 pairs of Billy is not a difficult 1959, he scored 127 goals in 1961, 110 balls, the peak season in 1958, 17-year-old Sao Paulo state league, he scored 58 goals in the various Match goals add up to 139! These figures can only be cause to look up.

Serving the most should be: Inzaghi 18 times, followed by Ronaldo 17 - Details are as follows:

Inzaghi in the official competition of the 18 hat-trick:

Serie B, Italian C

1993-05 -- 02 Italian C Lai Fei vs Como 4-1 Serie B


1994-09-25 Verona vs Pescara 3-1 Serie B Piacenza vs Palermo 3-0

Serie A


1998-05-12 Atlanta vs Sampdoria 4-0 Juventus vs Bologna 3-2 (Juventus won the league title ahead of a)

1998-12-20 Juventus vs Salernitana 3-0

2000-02-20 Venice vs Juventus 0-4 (ie, the famous Venice events)

2000-01-28 Juventus vs Vicenza 4-0

2002-10 -06 Milan vs Torino 6-0

2006 - 2 - 12 Milan VS Reggina 4-1

European stadium

1998-03-18 Champions League Dynamo Kiev vs Juventus 1-4 (Champions League Juventus advance semi-finals)

1999-08-04 Intertoto Cup vs Juventus Champions League Rostov 5-1


2002-09-25 Hamburg vs Juventus 4-4 Champions League Lake Lu Caledonia vs Milan 0:4 (Pippo section 40 of the European arena ball, breaking the Altobelli's Italian European stadium scoring record)


2003-09-07 Italy vs Wales 4-0 (Pippo in 11 minutes fastest hat-trick within the Italian national team, but also in 1982 the Italian national team in the race after the first hat-trick)



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