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Ronaldinho hat-trick a few times a total of staging it?

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rutir2010-03-07 22:17:12 +0000 #2
inventory Ronaldinho hat-trick king admit there have been six times a single field into 23 balls mad

4 to 0, Milan at home with the A victory for the Milan derby for the upcoming show their! Milan to win this game is undoubtedly the biggest player in the Brazilian Ronaldinho, the status of his great fans in the audience cheering in the San Siro into three goals, completed the landing after the first Serie A hat-trick. [Further reading: after a lapse of five years, Brazil's greatest king wearing a hat and then Ronaldinho would dare neglect? ]

Ronaldinho from the fame, after his career so far completed a total of six times a hat-trick. However, he once recalled in an interview, his 13-year-old game into the 23 goals in the juvenile period, Ronaldinho had already started to demonstrate their extraordinary talent for soccer.

Cristiano Ronaldo hat-trick the first time, representatives of Barcelona

in July 2003, Barcelona in order to transfer fee of 25 million euros buy Ronaldinho from Paris Saint-Germain and signed a five-year contract. Brazilian football began this piece of fertile ground deployed, his arrival in Barcelona for pathological inject new vitality. Slovakia Puqiao Fu in the same year with the team's UEFA Cup match, Barcelona 8 to 0 rout of his opponent in the match Ronaldinho was also staged in Barcelona during the first hat-trick. September 28, 2005, Barcelona in the Champions League group stage game against Udinese, Ronaldinho completing his own in the Champions League's first hat-trick, competitions, a free-kick, a penalty, a grab Point break is sufficient to prove the ability of the Brazilian offense overall. Barcelona effect for five years, Ronaldinho played a total of 145 times on behalf of the team into the 70 goals Ronaldo has a peak period of chilling efficiency goals.

In the Brazilian national team Ronaldinho has also had on the three "wearing hats" experience. June 26, 1999, with Latvia in a warm-up before the America's Cup race, Ronaldinho played in the team's first hat-trick. In the same year at the FIFA Confederations Cup, Ronaldinho in Brazil, 8 to 2 victory over Saudi Arabia's three goals into the game again. August 19, 2004, in Brazil, in a warm-up match against Haiti, Ronaldinho played a team on the third hat-trick. Ronaldinho is currently on behalf of the Brazilian national team played 87 times into 32 goals this season, Milan Ronaldinho goal in addition to lead fight for the championship, there is a return to the team and participate in the World Cup.

05-06 season, Ronaldinho led Barcelona won La Liga and the Champions League champion, in the end of Mr. selection, though lost to outstanding performance in the World Cup in Italy defender Fabio Cannavaro, but by the Uruguay "national newspaper" organization, and from 25 American countries of the European professional journalists voted League Player of the Year, Ronaldinho was re-elected for the third straight into the eyes of the best in South America, and he is completing a track outside the hat-trick.
tandyleo2010-03-07 22:42:17 +0000 #3
I know there are 4 times.

The first time in 99 years swept the Confederations Cup semi-final Brazil 8:2 Saudi Arabia

,03-04 season, the second Barcelona 8-0 UEFA Cup SKM

Puqiao Fu, Slovenia ,05-06 season, the third Champions League Barcelona 4 -1 Wuji

fourth time, that fight last night, Siena
fly12522010-03-07 22:34:09 +0000 #4
5 times!

Ronaldinho since 2000, the total had only played five times a hat-trick. The first time was in 1999 in the Confederations Cup, Brazil's game against Saudi Arabia; second occasion was in October 2003, Ronaldinho Barcelona in the Champions League on behalf of qualifying years staged; in the 3rd Ronaldinho alone triple, yes in August 2004, Brazil and Haiti in the competition; fourth time he was a hat-trick, that is, to the round before the last time was September 27, 2005, when he was 4 to 1 Barcelona Champions League victory over Udinese game where a hat-trick. Siena is the fifth round of the right.
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