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How can people up and then suspended in the air

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In the legend of the Central Standing Committee referred to a number of extraordinary human capabilities, such as they are not using any external force can rise from the ground up to get high. However, in real life, these "floating by," a lot of people, based on historical records and some real examples in recent years, floating seem to have a extraordinary ability to be able to overcome gravity his body slowly drifting up.

Modern super-psychologists now can not break these floating phenomenon, known as the yoga of the Hindu monk in meditation to send super-masters, they also understand that suspension surgery, and has its own uniqueness. In 1986, Washington has conducted a yoga practitioner flight competition, this competition is conducted in the face of the public.

About 20 yoga masters who can advance scientific one, they are also floating in the air a minimum of 60 cm, up to 1.0 meter. It is reported that monks from China, the body can easily float in the air. In recent years, scientists have been trying to solve is how to get rid of gravity the human body floating in the air.

【Body floating in the study patients】

Indian physicist, Dr. Xin Gewa jebba to observe, study the human body floating in the surgery for many years, have come across several people who have this feature. To his strange is that these people are hiding in the mountains among Osawa, from the reluctant to show themselves, living in isolation. Their behavior and logical thinking, out of tune with modern society, if they are to explain this feature is how to excel at the more difficult. Dr. Wa Jieba in several modern physics detection equipment to detect these subtle, no results. The more research the more feel that this is a wonderful myth, it is difficult to understand. Therefore, Dr. Wa Jieba: Indian military strategists want to use the human body floating in the operation aspects of military operations, it is incredible illusions, to reveal this mystery still need more time, mankind's scientific and technological level can really find tap the potential of the special features in the human body in order to mystery.

Junshixuejia in India have long noted the existence of the human body floating in the patients, and envision it for military operations. Organization of a "Superman" of the army, then are not afraid of the enemy's mines, tanks, missiles, bombers attack, ready to assault the enemy's rear to beat each other, do not have to spend more money on development of sophisticated weapons. In India, some scientists have thought: the idea of such a difficult to achieve, because the current scientists still do not understand how the human body floating in the formation. Today the world understood the four forces, namely: gravity, electromagnetic force and two nuclear forces, we can only assume that there is a fifth force. This is how the fifth power generated from the human body? Also how to promote physical sky? Is still a mystery.

If the body floating technique does exist, the complete theory of physics, was overthrown. Today's level of science, of course, still can not explain all the specific phenomena of nature. In particular, the transcendence of meditation power yoga more difficult to explain using scientific reasoning. As many incredible phenomenon, "human float" has yet to find a reasonable explanation. Some people think that the human body floating in fact well outside help or small props, to float; or the use of a small magic, giving the audience hallucinations. 】

【Instance in India's remote mountainous north Namiluoer Village, with a more than 60-year-old Mingjiaobaya Mitchell. He was practicing yoga more than 40 years, said his body floating in the mountains above, as immortal.

U.S. physicist Professor Kalaimansi across India for many years, he decided to visit this "Superman." And his colleagues are well-known biologist Singh of India. Mi Baer Professor, Dr. Lei Maner scholars who shape functions and the U.S. "Science and Life" magazine and journalists. Namiluoer Village is located in remote mountainous areas, roads, dangerous, people should be riding, walking more than 10 days to arrive. Here is almost isolated.

Kalaimansi professor of a pedestrian arrival, called Sabaya Mitchell. The old man had thick and long silver hair, beard, sharp eyes under thick eyebrows, is like a philosopher's demeanor. He can speak fluent, pure English. When the professor asked Kalaimansi Baia. Mitchell can show a little bit of "Superman" feature, floating into the sky, the old once promised: "can." And requested the crowd when the sun rises the next morning in his cottage living alone in front of watch.

The next morning, Professor Kalaimansi people gathered in front of the hut, put up a video recorder and various detectors. Baya Mitchell sits cross-legged in front of a thin blanket, close their eyes meditatively. People's eyes, VCR cameras, various detectors are confined to the body of the Mitchell. About 2

3 minutes later, saw his body gently rising, with approximately rose to 10 meters high, he changed the cross-legged posture, stretched out his arms, like the wings of birds began to spin fly. Mitchell, like floating in mid-air into the oblivious state of ecstasy.

This scenario really stunning. Floating in the air about 30 minutes, Mitchell's body began to shake, and then slowly lowered to the level of the state. VCR filming his every angle in the air. Mitchell floor later, several scientists have found that: his body became very soft, like cotton. When Mitchell took off slowly when the detector has been measured airflow from him and ejected him hold up. 80 kg body weight of people off requires considerable energy, this trend is the flow and energy come from it? Scientists baffled.

The United States "Science and Life" magazine reporter Smith, witnessed real-life real "Superman", the hearts of extremely encouraging, as the same as Columbus discovered the New World. Smith put it: The large amount of money Cheng please Baya. Mitchell to the United States to perform.

Baya Mitchell was politely turned down the heavily engaged. He said: "I am a devout Hindu, and practiced yoga for 40 years. In this quiet mountain jungle life, money, fame and fortune has long been indifferent to the ... ..." When several scientists asked him how is it learned this wonderful of effort, the Baya. Mitchell earnestly replied: "This must be the spirit of rigorous training to learn skills that door, while physical training is more difficult. Only the spirit of a high concentration, can be hidden inside the human body great 'magic' to liberate ... ... "These words can not lift the hearts of scientists doubt that the human body hidden" magic "in the end What is this? Is how to break the law of physics of gravity?

With regard to the human body floating in the air, Kalaimansi a few professors and scientists have discovered in India: In India's ancient books - "Buddhist" has already had a record: As early as two years ago, the Buddhist monks who will be able to effortlessly flew into the sky, they will see aerial view, coming up huge painting. Indian archaeologists have discovered a huge stone, which is drawn in India two years ago Mandal plain view of the Ganges River is completely based on high-altitude aerial perspective drawn. There was no helicopter, it is how to draw from a height it? Scientists have been to India, the ancient "Buddhist" in the records as a myth, and now they saw the body floating in the sky, can not fail to recognize the record is a fact.

【Records related to human floating】

1910 well-known British explorer 彼得亚巴尔 to Myanmar to visit the northern jungle adventures in a remote mountainous area where a large monastery monk met a self-cultivation. The old monk at the temple every morning and sit in front of more than 10 minutes, and then sit cross-legged body slowly lifted off the jungle in the mountains above the floating ring, it slowly fell to the ground. Bartoli stunned by this amazing scene, and he used the camera filmed from a different point of view the practice Buddhism monks floating in the air lens. Returned home, he was the British "Guardian" the photographs taken on its own, and they saw off the scene of the monk. That time, some British scientists did not believe that Bartoli is an illusion, in a number of religious shaman show off a cover trick. Bartoli strongly deny that he believes he was clear-headed, witnessing the scene broke. The monk was doing when the body floating high altitude and did not invite him to watch, that he occasionally came across there was no cover-up theory.

1912, the French explorer Owen. Mastroianni China's Tibet in Nepal and the Himalayas along the border inspection, adventure. He invited a Tibetan lama to do guide. The Tibetan lama in the walk, they saw fit feet do not stick to, it seems floating forward. Deep snow along the Himalayas, Mastroianni every further, feet stuck in the snow, but to journey forward, very difficult. The Tibetan lama who do not stick when you are walking foot snow, very easily, and are constantly pulling him forward. If a gust of wind, the leaves, as the lama's body, like the body Piaoqi, wind forward.

Most Owen. Catalans surprise is that the lama had Kanger Ni valleys with his scenarios. This is Canyon Road, is about more than 200 meters deep, more than 100 meters wide. If you climb over the need to most of the day time, and very dangerous, because no way feasible, at any time fall into the canyon, do not fall into pieces but also seriously injured. Catalans are too gorge need to worry about risk when the monks bent over, put Catalans back to his body, asking him Do not be afraid, close your eyes. Catalans suddenly felt physically Piaoqi, opened his eyes and looked, he was shocked, a monk carrying his flying clouds in the sky, just a few minutes to cross the canyon. He is really hard to believe, in this desolate mountain areas, as much so the ability of the strange man.

Owen. Returned to France after the Catalans to the Tibetan lama pictures of floating wind, and his own adventures written in the article published in the "Paris Times". There are many readers who do not believe that the explorers wrote "Arabian Nights"-like myth.


Superman's greatest records of the floating body, the most famous can be considered Hume. He has 40 years of public performance "human float" record, while the highest floating in a can actually take off the ground 24 meters. Such differences can, for he won the "greatest Superman" in the world.

【Speculation: with the religious zeal about? 】

In many cases the body floating in the vast majority of winners are religious have passion and believe in mysticism or spiritual doctrine. They include:

Hume - United Kingdom Psychics (mentalist) who demonstrated many times the skills of floating in the air at the same time to make predictions.

St. Joseph's - the Italian Christian believers, character is extremely excited, extremely excited for every religious event, he will suddenly migrating to the air.

Elvira - Spain's Joan, can not be controlled floating in the air, but also get a feeling force.

Mystery Men - Tibet's Secret Law of Discipline who study in Tibet Tibet occult French explorers Niro's wife, had met in Tibet, has a mysterious floating capacity Naked. He moved to in order to avoid mid-air, all wrapped in a heavy yoke body.

Kota Prabhakar - India Yoga practice Buddhism monk, June 6, 1936, Illustrated London News carried a floating body when performing Prabhakar photos.

Jie Mi

human body floating magic floating magic, most of the magician used the lighting effects are covered in some organs, or the use of human eyes and visual imaging principle, giving a visual illusion created.

For example, in the dim stage lighting effects, let the performers sit or stand on a black background color and the same lifting platform, elevating platform, and the background due to integration, the audience could not tell the naked eye is almost no clues. Magic of the class of objective conditions on the hardware conditions require a higher category for stage magic.
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