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Materazzi when ex-ah

Supreme 1112010-03-09 08:11:32 +0000 #1

Eternal Sa Team 852010-03-09 08:25:19 +0000 #2
is estimated that nearly two-year bar, and now is waiting for Inter Milan as replacement retired, and bless Malaysia, in the future into the Inter management
Hao days to see these2010-03-09 08:45:50 +0000 #3
Marco Materazzi, born in 1974, this year is already 36 years old. Even a long career, defender, has also been close to momentum, it is estimated that he and Fabio Cannavaro was born in 1973, retired in 2023 is the latest thing. He is now mainly in the team to Lucio, Walter Samuel, Ivan Cordoba trio playing the reserve, increasing under deep bench, so his career will continue for some time.
FerrariAurea2010-03-09 09:27:32 +0000 #4
contract expires will be retired in 2012 due bless Malaysia and Francesco Toldo, and the ac keep on saying that a human face are different, we can not keep people playing games, is to return for their contributions to Inter.

The 40-year-old Maldini ac forced to play, forcing the 38-year-old Cafu assists, once found to be really no point to use value, immediately compel him leaving the team - and a similar and so are Costacurta. Really caring ah
zqsgaj20092010-03-09 08:55:45 +0000 #5
has been 37 years old, playing not on the main, as if the winter is brewing transfer, it seems do not want to retire.

However, people are lucky, their own national team in Italy, pick me, they shine on the 06 World Cup, is one of the biggest player in the Italian championship. Of course, he should be grateful to the great cause of success, he Fonggong two people, one Nesta, as Alessandro Nesta's injury was that he played on the main location. Second, Zidane, Zizou eat the red card he let only helped Italy into the finals, and his fame is greater than ever.
guqin092010-03-09 09:02:32 +0000 #6
If not him, Zidane number one does not eat red card



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