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2002 World Cup squad have galya this person?

huwei2112010-03-09 12:10:47 +0000 #1
He is not that to the Football Association 200,000 gifts to squeeze down the Ming-old member of that person? Are still playing do
Flat Lu Soccer Bar2010-03-09 12:12:34 +0000 #2
Kunitari List galya clearance mystery

------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------- 2002 May 21 Day 10:08

on Kunitari 23-man squad before the release of web-based survey, 50% of the fans believe that Gao Yao is in addition to Zhang Yuning favorite outside of defeat. Because Yu Genwei have won the promise of Milutinovic, and Zhao Junzhe again in the last two lively, Shao Jiayi is even based on one foot free-kick proved himself meritorious veteran Li Ming, and only the most junior Gao Yao, and warm-up race in the last three games not particularly outstanding performance.

But the end result we all know, Milutinovic to bring this galya. Milutinovic's World Cup he will not re-Gonglue were a component of it must not be the missing piece.

Santrac recommend

"Taishan team has a galya, all aspects in good condition and is a talent, you can see." Milutinovic took over the Chinese team in pointer after Milutinovic's fellow former Taishan Milutinovic, coach Santrac to recommend the Gao Yao. Since then, Gao Yao has participated in the training Milutinovic, and beat the right-back, lumbar, and in the back three positions. Diligent and dedicated galya Milutinovic also left a deep impression on him. But since thigh strain, Gao Yao in the Asian Cup before regretfully said farewell to the national team. Gao Yao said before, in contact with so many foreign coaches, the most grateful is Santrac. It is Santrac then let him play by the forwards to change back, finally established itself in Taishan. Seem to me to thank him for his reason to add one, is Santrac to introduce him to the Bora Milutinovic.

Defensive counter-attack and the biggest beneficiaries of

If we say that Santrac's referral, so that galya have access to Milutinovic favor, then the real decision to galya become an indispensable member of the Chinese team also because the Chinese team in the world Cup with defensive counter-based tactical requirements. Gao Yao height of 186 cm Weight 80 kg, dark and firm, you can and play in the lumbar and back two positions. Taishan coach Niebo evaluation of his due diligence defense, but also one foot long and accurate pass in the back can play a role. It can be inferred that the reason Milutinovic of these names again and again, many people did not think the players move into the national team, they will certainly have his ambitions. Because galya increase in defensive midfield and also the thickness of Li may not be able to play a long pass play of the advantages of an accurate long pass after the field counter-attack style of play, but the most important part.

Fan Zhiyi Gao Yao

mildly entertaining for the sake of a lot of people did not seem to understand how the sake of Fan Zhiyi Gao Yao? On April 27 of the China-South Korea match, the Milutinovic responded to the voice of the liberation of Fan Zhiyi, arranged for him to form pairs with Li lumbar, examine his performance in this position. Unfortunately, unable to find a great general lumbar Fan feelings mistakes frequently. The next day, Fan Zhiyi, I offer that not as good as in the lumbar back is more appropriate for them. As a result, galya consecutive Kunitari with Thailand, Uruguay, PSV Eindhoven's three warm-up tournament with only one other than the lumbar Li identity came off the bench. It can be said, that is, at this time, Milutinovic can be identified without the others, but not with galya not do.

World Cup, we should fight

It is said that Kunitari relevant leaders hinted that if the same situation in capacity, it is hoped Milutinovic as much as possible take care of the old players, because they are, after all, the Chinese football has made a significant contribution. In the future may no longer have no chance, while the young players have missed the next.

Thanks to Mr. Milutinovic was not like that. As the World Cup Laojiang Hu, he has been doing a good job with the powers essentially Rush preparation. When the Li hurt, or when a lumbar Ronaldo had been unable to stop their cruel oppression, the role of Gao Yao played out - it may be the last straw.
xiaoheng192010-03-09 12:18:44 +0000 #3
there is a genuine person, a gift is also a possibility. But when we talk about Lee Ming-old players squeeze down, did not necessarily associated with him.

You probably do not know what was happening. Blatter commenced, as Li injury, Milutinovic has been used as Li Xiaopeng right-wing, while the left hand side was extremely successful due to Ma Mingyu Qi Hong to make way for the main force of Shen Si originally pushed to the bench. Once these final did not go to the World Cup veteran, mostly in Blatter no players how to play.

By the World Cup stadium, rather than to bring those who had played two games enjoyable on the retired veteran, it is better to bring some of the year when the play even more young players on the Chinese Football Association, will help.
autumn94152010-03-09 13:13:22 +0000 #4
Yes, Shandong Luneng midfielder



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