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昨天. I finally reported over the years of hatred

end the war of the War 662010-03-09 13:10:03 +0000 #1
two years ago, playing with us .. he was always in my face laughing at me like the girls less than one meter 2 (I was 14 years old one meter VI). Every time I said that My goal is to go to the Bundesliga, he would say: you go to one meter 2 it? . When he was mixing. Play is also stronger than me .. not with his long-winded .. then Woliang to a different team .. Yesterday, he led his team with our team played ball games. We 3 to 0 END no violence .. and they are half thought they had too .. while all three challenge around me. still can not grab the ball really Shuangsi the .... Hehe .. then suddenly remembered for many years .. to vent those things .. then the next .. after all, I like the girls did with me .. but I do not regret it .. at least more focused football ... I vowed to go after a certain time to really lead people to the Bundesliga ... changed a lot .. Two years ago, I was a coward .. now ...............
Greenwood Software2010-03-09 13:17:28 +0000 #2
support you, believe that they can do it in , we must have confidence in their own Oh



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