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China, Hong Kong Football Club, why there is no Class A team to participate in AFC?

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Bar Kit2010-01-22 23:03:31 +0000 #2
Hong Kong League levels actually pretty good, a lot of foreign aid, but the standard reference is as follows

In accordance with the idea of the AFC, will belong to 21 associations were divided into the East Asian region and West Asia, East Asia district Japan, Korea, China, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Hong Kong, China; West area of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, India, Syria, Uzbekistan, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain.

Accordance with the scoring criteria, score is 500 points, while only Japan has been included in the A sub-470 files directly without rectification AFC Cup finalists in 2009. B stalls South Korea, China, Australia, Indonesia, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Iran and India, 10 countries, as long as the October 1, 2008 before the meet all the demands for reform, that is, get the opportunity to participate in next year's AFC.

However, in these countries because of different rates obtained with different places. AFC have been identified in 2009, the club participated in the AFC Champions Race to 32, including East Asia and Western District, all 16 teams. However, the direct short-listed teams are 30, namely, the 15 East and West Asia.

According to score the number of places have been confirmed as follows:

East Asia: Japan, South Korea and China are 4, Australia 2, Indonesia 1, a total of 15;

West Region: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Iran were 4, Jordan, Kuwait and India, one each for a total of 15.

Asia a total of six countries with four places, with a total score to 415 points, ranks third in Asia in China has become one of the lucky ones. As for Iraq, Uzbekistan is not a high degree of professionalism countries severely affected, and even the home can not guarantee that Iraq is simply not included in the scope of the study, while leaving only the Uzbeks have also participated in a playoff places.

The above-mentioned is only the direct short-listed the 30 teams in the AFC Cup in 2009 will be carried out bold reforms to the East Asia and West Asia will each retain a playoff finalists to participate in the quota, the program is as follows:

West District of Uzbekistan, Syria and Qatar have one to participate in the playoff places; East Asia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam have participated in a playoff at the moment. West Zone and East Asia are three teams, respectively, with the 2008 AFC Cup runners-up in the two groups constitute a playoff, each team through four elimination format to decide a finalist of the AFC Champions Race team the two groups in the failure of six teams will take part in next year's AFC Cup.

As for the somewhat less-grade some of AFC Cup places, the AFC has also been officially confirmed:

East Asia apart from Indonesia, has a full quota of AFC, the AFC Cup also has a formal places; Singapore , Thailand and Vietnam in addition to an AFC playoff places, he also has a full quota of the AFC Cup; Malaysia and Hong Kong, China each have two official places in the AFC Cup.

West District, Jordan, Kuwait and India in addition has a full quota of AFC, the AFC also has a cup full of all places; Syria, Uzbekistan and Qatar in addition to an AFC playoff places, he also has a the AFC Cup official places; Oman and Bahrain all have two official places in the AFC Cup.

So far in 2009 AFC Champions Tournament framework has been very clear, even if this year's AFC Cup championship, even if the performance is also excellent opportunities for the AFC Champions League next year's expedition, they will have the opportunity to participate in the AFC Champions League qualifying round knockout, the winner will advance to the new AFC Champions League group stage. China also is historically have four teams to participate in the AFC Champions tournament, which for the various super-teams is also a great incentive.

In accordance with the provisions of the AFC, January 7, 2009 will be the season draw for the AFC Champions. 32 teams participated in the race is divided into eight groups, each group of four teams. China's four teams were in the E group-H group, the group pattern are China, Japan, South Korea, Australia; China, Japan, South Korea, Australia; China, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia; China, Japan, South Korea, additional match winner.

The group stage are played home and away matches dual-cycle, a total of 96 games, the top two qualify, sub-district cross-East Asia and Western Asia to fight a single elimination, a total of eight games. Quarter finals and semi-finals are all home and away double-loop race, a total of 12 games. The final is a final field, so that the new season, AFC total of 117 games.



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