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Real Madrid striker Abeiluoe yes do?

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Personal career

2003-2006 season Real Madrid youth team last season with Deportivo La Coruna


2007-2009 season Liverpool

2009 So far the effectiveness of profile Real Madrid

Real Madrid

Ebeiluoa the young apprentice is Real Madrid player, starting from the 16-year-old has played for Real Madrid, Benitez had to follow the Real Madrid youth team coach. Was later upgraded to the preparatory group, a team had played for two games.

Until July 24, 2006, Abeiluoa battle to win more opportunities to follow along with teammates Suda degrees left Real Madrid, he then joined Deportivo La Coruna, signed for 5 years.

Liverpool, Liverpool have bought Abeiluoa ago had intended to buy Sevilla right back Daniel Alves of Brazil, but in January 31, 2007, Abeiluoa joined the Red Army, and wear No. 2 jersey on, so a lot of fans accident that is how to Sammy as the failure of the acquisition. On the contrary, Abeiluoa short period of time has been integrated into the team, his record is even more shaken the stability of the status of other players.

Abeiluoe a transfer fee of about 2.5 million pounds, Real Madrid can get them into five. In his February 10 of the Premiership matches against Newcastle United for the first time the Red Army went into battle, Rutibinna. The first time he played the full game is a game-important Champions League matches away against Barcelona, when he Chuanyan left-back. This is a customary right foot Ebeiluoa player, Benitez for tactical reasons he was transferred to left-back, in order to clamp down on Barcelona's Argentine star Lionel Messi, one way to prevent a breakthrough. The game successfully contained Ebeiluoe Messi, so that the Red Army to a 2:1 victory over defending champion Barcelona.

In his April 7, 2007 against Reading in the Premier League, Liverpool has been launched into the effectiveness of the first goal. Meanwhile, the ball is to the Premiership since the founding of Liverpool, the first one to wear jersey No. 2 player to score. Liverpool's players are on the 2nd term wear Hengke Zi, for one rarely assists the central defender.

Abeiluoe in Castile and La Coruna, when are the owner of the No. 17 jersey, but when he joined 17 already owned by Bellamy. 2007-08 season, Bellamy left Liverpool regain the No. 17 jersey Ebeiluoe.

2007-08 Premiership start of the season a few games events are as Ebeiluoa left back position, his outstanding performance in the former main Riise pushed to the left midfield position, or even relegated to back-up. September of the Derbyshire league, Ebeiluoe Craig Fagan with the other players the body fell to the ground after the collision, Fagan took the opportunity to trample the calf Ebeiluoe ultimately competition will decide sentence suspended for four games Fagan .

As Finnan state of decline, coupled with injuries to more, Abeiluoa has replaced Steve Finnan's right-back position as Liverpool's main.

Back to Real Madrid

July 19, 2009, Liverpool price of 400 million pounds, he was sold to Real Madrid.

Can return to Real Madrid, Arbeloa very excited, he said: "When possible return to Real Madrid, I was very excited, very happy to be back in Real Madrid. I have always wanted to play for Real Madrid, which is every a child's wish, "with energy and a number of big effect, he even flattered:" I am very lucky! Real Madrid has a long history, and have so many big-name players. this time to join me, is like coming home, I Bernabeu have a lot of friends. "
It is reported that this purchase Arbeloa, Real mainly regarded as left-back candidate.

Abeiluoe leave is mainly due to self-factor, he wanted to return home to play, while Real Madrid need to strengthen border guard, which he left one-year contract in Liverpool Liverpool this summer to 18 million pounds large amount of money to buy England's main right-Houweigelun Johnson, will inevitably lead to Ebeiluoa playing substitute, these factors led to the Ebeiluoa choose Real. Because only one-year contract, 400 million-pound transfer fee is reasonable, this is a Liverpool and Real Madrid both very satisfied with the transfer. He also hopes there will be new development.


February 2008 published in the Spanish national soccer team selected list, the first time Abeiluoa national team, preparing for a friendly with France. However, his abdominal injuries so he had to quit the national team in the tournament. In the same year in March, has finally been re-selected for the national team Ebeiluoe opportunity, March 26 friendly against Italy, the back-up battle.

Abeiluoe With excellent performance in Liverpool once again named the Spanish national team played in 2008 European Nations Cup.

Due to the location of the Spanish right-back Sergio Ramos has led to more use of substitute competition Abeiluoa.
GERRARD_0082010-03-09 15:30:27 +0000 #3
is regarded as a substitute striker bar,

while the former Liverpool defender
MYSOLSKJEAR2010-03-09 16:01:45 +0000 #4
no culture awful?2010-03-09 15:42:20 +0000 #5
Of course, the Spanish national team striker

2008 European Championship Spain striker won the European Championship European Championship, Spain 18

in 2009 to South Africa also took part in the Confederations Cup Confederations Cup Spain on the 19th

on behalf of the Spanish national team appearances 12 can play the left and right in the back more than one location is his greatest strength
r7r9k82010-03-09 16:01:24 +0000 #6
very clear to tell you is that Real Madrid's defense is essentially the Spanish defense, Casey, Ramos, Albiol , Abeiluoa



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