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What is this animal?

Hand of God 862010-03-09 19:10:10 +0000 #1
00O Bailong O002010-03-09 19:19:54 +0000 #2
Black Musk Deer Bar! Not clear,

take a look at strategy!

Should be on in the following into

musk deer, a total Branch Division

Lin * musk deer musk deer musk deer is a


black-musk deer musk deer is a * is a

of the original musk deer musk deer musk deer is a


Deer Cervidae Subfamily

Chital * Chital Deer Chital is

Kala Mi dolphin is


dolphin is a dolphin deer Chital Chital deer * * is

white-lipped deer, Cervus Cervus

Philippine spotted deer, marsh deer, *

red deer Cervus (red deer) * Eld's deer is a


Philippine deer Cervus Cervus Cervus


sika deer, Cervus's places

mane deer (black deer) Cervus Cervus


bian sambar deer Fallow deer are

Persian Fallow Fallow deer, elk Cervus


roe deer is a subfamily

roe deer is a subfamily

deer tufted deer * Elaphodus

Borneo Yellow

Black Muntjac deer Muntiacus (gross yellow muntjac) * Muntiacus

Philippine's Muntjac Muntiacus

Gongshan muntjac Muntiacus Muntiacus Muntiacus Muntiacus Muntiacus

Ye * Muntiacus Muntiacus Muntiacus Muntiacus Changshan

Vietnam is a big deer big deer deer subfamily

Air Gear Short Short deer Japanese deer are

gray short-deer Cervus

Japanese shorthorn shorthorn shorthorn deer, Cervus

brown short deer Cervus

small shorthorn shorthorn shorthorn deer, red deer, is a

short-short-deer roe deer roe is an


Siberian Roe Deer Roe Deer is a

black-tailed deer Cervus Air gear Air gear

white-tailed deer, deer, deer, prairie grasslands are

North Purdue deer Cervus Cervus

Purdue Purdue Purdue deer, deer, reindeer reindeer is an

Secret ruma moose moose is

Chi Ma Ma moose moose Lima is

South America South America Chak Chak deer Cervus

moose is a moose * General Division

giraffe giraffe giraffe giraffe Section


Okapi Okapi is a
guoning123152010-03-09 19:23:16 +0000 #3
This is really not seen, but it should belong to the class antelope



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