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FM2008 players in how to change the view of the coach

hal70812010-03-09 23:10:54 +0000 #1
Play FM, no matter how kind of record, the players felt the team coach did not give sufficient confidence in how I kind of get the players interact, field starts with the team a talk, etc., how are the players not the manager's views about who Gaorenzhijiao
shovel people do not slide tackle2010-03-09 23:25:45 +0000 #2
players on the coach did not give sufficient confidence that this is the case, when the game after the game at the end of lecture Do not right the players were unhappy. You must be out of the question in this link, or you do not have direct competition and let the assistant coaches of the lecture, but he expressed dissatisfaction with the performance of the players making. If the game player to play well, in the 7 points above, you are still angry or disappointed, the players will have, "coach on the team did not give enough confidence in yourself." Lecture on the players should be reasonable to use, if their performance is really bad end of the lecture in the midfield expressed dissatisfaction, but after the match must be to encourage the main lecture. In addition to teaching assistants, took command of competition have to be careful, they are often unreasonable criticism of the players. If a player generally the case, arrange for them to play more lecture after the game when starting praise and encouragement, generally after a few games to eliminate such emotions, you can also interact with him, asking him to recommend new players, but most of the time play a significant role large (this is the time when the player can not adapt to the environment very well used). If this sentiment can not be eliminated a long time to sell the player to be considered, because the period of time such a feeling will become a "hate the team's head coach," then it is difficult renewal of the.
wing8710182010-03-09 23:17:12 +0000 #3
you can and the players talk, express your admiration of his talent sort of



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