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Voronin, and how big the gap between social Shevchenko?

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Name: Andrei Shevchenko

• English: Andriy Shevchenko

Ukrainian: Андрій Миколайович Шевченко

Cantonese name: Shuf really high

Date of Birth: September 29, 1976

Place of birth: the Soviet Union De Weiji Fuxin it

Nationality: Ukraine

Height: 183CM

Weight: 73KG

Nickname: Sheva (Sheva) Chevy (Chevy) Saber Ukrainian nuclear warhead

Current Club: Dynamo Kiev
, who played for Club: Dynamo, Chelsea, AC Milan

Role: Striker

Favorite Sports: swimming, tennis, car (the father is of Automotive Engineers)?

Favorite Movies : The Goalkeeper

Favorite drink: orange juice, pineapple juice

Favorite food: Chicken

Idol: All 1986 Dynamo Kiev players, Pele, Zico, Platini, Romario

[Edit this paragraph ] Football career

Juvenile Juvenile fame fame

Andriy Shevchenko was born in the Ukrainian capital Kiev, near the Dvirkivschyna, 9-year-old was Banba club Dynamo Kiev's coach from a badminton training camp to explore, 16-year-old chose the Kiev Diener Moroccan second-tier team, the road began to football. When the young Ukrainian, who just turned 20-year-old striker, as the arrows lead the Dynamo Kiev team in the Campano completion of Spanish giants Barcelona 4-0 in Kuang Tu, the whole world is exclaimed the birth of another super-shooter, while the Similarly, it was clear that: This young man is not the future of Ukraine. Voice hardly ever, in the 1998-1999 season, after the unhappy 23-year-old Ukrainian teenager would wear a red and black jersey, he is Shevchenko! Since then, red and black blood began flowing in Sheva's body. The Shoukaijilu again and again, again and again to turn the tide, they come from the Ukrainian. And Shevchenko all the more impressive thing is that he is not waiting for others to create opportunities for the kind of striker, his goal, most of the opportunities created by their own, both a positive return to get the ball, turn around, it also includes his participation in defense offensive, but also includes the tireless back to grab the former field counter-attack the first time.


1994, 17-year-old Andriy Shevchenko to join as second-top scorer in team Dynamo Kiev, the same year, November 8 pairs of Donetsk in the Ukrainian league debut game and enter the a ball. In 1999 he led the club reached the Champions League semi-finals, the two back together, only lost to Bayern Munich, Champions League regulars a ball, since Shevchenko has also been attention, Manchester United, Real Madrid and other clubs are trying to turn Shevchenko reverted to its.

99 years, July 1 choice to join Serie A Andriy Shevchenko, AC Milan, the transfer fee of 26 million U.S. dollars. August 29 on behalf of the AC Milan away match 2:2 flat Lecce in Serie A for the first time playing. AC Milan results were ups and downs, the league has been ranked in the middle for two years after the sudden victory Army, Shevchenko to join us fans something to look forward to guide the team. Shevchenko is also single-handedly brought the club from Zhezhi not only several times in Serie A marksman (1999-00,2003-04), but also for AC Milan for a long time to regain lost the championship, namely in 2003 won the Champions League title , 2004 Serie A Champions League winner and 2005 runner-up.

December 2004, Shevchenko was named European Footballer of the year. In the same year in March, he was also Pele described as the 125 best living footballers. Also in 2004, he was also President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma awarded the title Hero of Ukraine.

Summer of 2004, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich to 5 million euros plus striker Hernan Crespo's conditions require the exchange of Shevchenko with AC Milan. Milan rejected the conditions, but leased Crespo. Since then, Abramovich has also provided 8.5 million euros and 225,000 euros weekly conditions, once again rejected. But by May 31, 2006, Shevchenko has finally come to join English Premiership champions Chelsea, did not disclose the transfer fee, estimated at around 30 million pounds. To 37.5 million pounds Shevchenko joined Chelsea English Premier League chief and after the first 30 games is only fired into four balls, the state at a low ebb, and has been plagued by injuries and other factors, not kicked out of the standard expected. As Shevchenko in Chelsea two years failed to play its due performance, Chelsea and AC Milan After some dispute, Shevchenko finally on August 25, 2008 to return to AC Milan.

August 18, 2009, Chelsea beat Sunderland 3-1 guests, Shevchenko at the end of the game Ruti Di Gao, the last time for Chelsea battle. 29, Shevchenko to return to his hometown team - Dynamo Kiev signed the contract for two years.


While the club has a glorious achievement, but Shevchenko did not bring any achievements for the national team. Whenever the national team competition, are out in the qualifiers. March 25, 1995 on behalf of Ukraine in the European Cup qualifier away team lost to Croatia 0:4 match for the first time playing in international competitions. Until 2005, Shevchenko as a captain, and finally joined the rank for the first time to assist Ukraine in the World Cup finals.

2006 World Cup, Shevchenko into the two goals (one ball for the penalty) to assist Ukraine reached the 1 / 4 finals, but in the quarter-finals eliminated by Italy.

March 26, 2008 in international friendlies against Serbia, Andriy Shevchenko scored for Ukraine's first play, whistle to win 2-0.

[Edit this paragraph] personal honor

- Ukrainian championship :1994-95 season from 1995-96 season-97 season between 1996 season between 1997-98 season, 1998 and-99

- Ukrainian Cup: 1996, 1998, 1999

- Ukraine's Player of the Year: 1997

- Serie A champions :2003-04 season

- Italian Cup: 2003

- Italian Super Cup: 2004

- Serie A top scorer :1999-2000 season, 2003 -- 04 season

- English League Cup :2006-07 season

- England FA Cup: 2007

- UEFA Champions League :2002-03 season

- European Super Cup: 2004

- UEFA Champions League top scorer: 1998 -- 99 season,

- European Footballer of the Year: 2004

- UEFA Team of the Year: 2004, 2005

- Golden Foot award: 2005

[Edit this paragraph] To evaluate the

the world's all-round striker excellent forward a lot, but, like Shevchenko, such a comprehensive but unique. He can charge forward in front of the top as a center, but also can be used as a shadow striker for the team-mate transport artillery shells brewing Juesha; not only at the foot of flexible header is also no way the power of the weak; in front of a keen sense of smell, shoot high accuracy, power foot, superior speed and fitness. "Ukraine's nuclear warheads," not Langdexuming.

He than Vieri light than Ruud van Nistelrooy cool, Buades modest, compared with Ma Kai, sharp and selfless than the big Romanian than Pierrot excellent hair longer than Henry, Ronaldinho taller than good-looking than Owen higher than that Rooney seasoned ... ... regardless of skills, goods, and even the image of the ball, it is one of the best, like Shevchenko.

Debbie killer

6 season, 12 goals, which is Shevchenko in Milan derby on a scoring record. Have to admit that he is full of Inter nemesis. Even if the state is not good, he can become a nightmare for Inter Milan, Inter Milan 1 6 seasons have not escaped the nightmare. Milan derby has always been high-profile, due to a considerable strength of both teams, so every time the collision are wonderful overflowing. May be nearly six seasons the situation is having a one-sided, AC Milan 5 wins a flat. Inter and AC have very good striker, but in comparison, Sheva is undoubtedly the most outstanding. Milan derby will continue, and I believe Sheva's goals will continue to Derby.

One can not emulate their predecessors of these two names together: Shevchenko and Marco van Basten. When some editors or reporters into the outlandish some good striker to score with the "San Marco" (Milan, who calls it), compared to the time, some people will definitely Yankou hulu. However, if someone Shevchenko as the reincarnation of Van Basten, I am afraid no one will dispute. Andre - Shevchenko, 1976 September 29 was born in the Ukrainian capital Kiev, and now 1 meter 83 tall and weighing 73 kg's Andriy Shevchenko has grown to Serie A giants AC Milan and Ukraine's national team's leading scorer in .

[Edit this paragraph] Other

a printed portrait of Ukraine Andriy Shevchenko stamp hero

If only superior skills, Shevchenko may only be a football superstar, a legend is not made. Andriy Shevchenko of Ukraine, such as in Yao Ming and Liu Xiang of China, but it is no exaggeration to say that is among the best.

A lot of players will spend huge sums of money to buy their own luxury houses, or simply put money squandered in the life of debauchery, while Shevchenko is not. He often aided underprivileged children in Ukraine, and condolences personally to give them care. But also intends to start a Ukrainian orphan boarding sports school. • 2004 President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma has also granted Shevchenko, "Hero of Ukraine" and the title of honor, which is representative of Ukraine's highest honor. This year he again Ukraine's historic into the World Cup, which would in turn greatly enhance his image of the great minds of the Ukrainian people. Maybe just like his left shoulder on the thorns to which the mysterious Chinese dragon, as Andriy Shevchenko is a Ukrainian national dragon.

Impression of an exemplary husband, in addition to smile after the goal, the Shevchenko eyes is always so serious, of course, and the Slavs of the introverted and self-regulatory character of the. Serie A is a haven for gossip, once marriage is in crisis Ronaldo, Christian Vieri situation changed ... ... to the sex scandal in the contemporary superstars have boarded the tabloid front pages, the Shevchenko be exposed to news, but is the Champions League trophy on the mentor of the gravestone! Goals with a dedicated new-born son!

And most of the players like Shevchenko has also sought out a sexy model girlfriend, but not the same, and most of the players is that Shevchenko has given his girlfriend to his wife's identity, rather than his girlfriend as "ordinary friends, "or Cu Tanzi. Sheva to his wife, the respect is also reflected in his son's name, because of Sheva's wife is an American, so he named for his son, "Jordan"
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