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I'm Ada2010-01-23 02:01:38 +0000 #1
August 2009 Champions League qualifying cctv-5 Live do a few numbers, a few points? What screening?
Manchester United Kingdom2010-01-23 02:08:16 +0000 #2
Beijing August 7 pm 18:00 ,09-10 season's Champions League qualifying fourth round of the playoff draw was held in Nyon, the results of English Premier League and Scottish Premier League giants Arsenal in Celtic ace teams will stage a strong-strong dialogue with the Italian giants Fiorentina and Sporting Lisbon play against Atletico Madrid is a veteran teams Panathinaikos and Greece suffered. Qualifying playoff first leg will be played August 15/16 held on local time, local time, second-leg scheduled for August 25/26 Day, 10 games playoff winner will enter the Champions League group stage.

New season's Champions League qualifier rules and different from the past, the fourth round of all 20 teams were divided into two and a half area, 10 non-title fight a team of five group stage seats, while the other 10 weak countries will compete for another championship team of five group stage places. In each half-area, according to ranking factor of five teams were seeded team, five balls for non-seeded teams. The final two and a half area of all home and away win of the five teams will enter the Champions League group stage, and had 22 teams qualify directly and the formation of a new season of 32 strong teams for the group stage competition.

Non-championship team, according to the war in Europe points to determine 5 seeds, seeds will not be able to get into the same group. Integral top five teams Arsenal, Lyon, Sporting Lisbon, Panathinaikos and Stuttgart as seeds, while Florence and Atletico, although the five league teams, but due to the war in Europe in recent years, slightly lower points, only row In the ranks of the non-seeded teams. The non-seeded teams are: Florence, Atletico Madrid, Celtic, Anderlecht, Timisoara.

With non-championship team is similar to the weak group of the contest are also integral points by seed and non-seed. Participating teams are seeded: Olympiakos Piraeus (Greece), Copenhagen (Denmark), Levski Sofia (Bulgaria) Maccabi Haifa (Israel) and Zurich (Switzerland). Non-seeded teams are: Man Spears (Latvia), Debrecen Railway (Hungary), Salzburg (Austria), Sheriff (Moldova), Apollo (Cyprus).

Specifically against the following (in the former home of the first hit)

Lyon (France) VS Anderlecht (Belgium)

Celtic (Scotland) VS Arsenal (England)

Panathinaikos (Greece) VS Atletico Madrid (Spain)

Sporting Lisbon (Portugal) VS Florence (Italy)

Timisoara (Romania) VS Stuttgart (Germany)

Sheriff (Moldova) VS Olympiakos (Greece)

Sa Palatinate Castle (Austria) VS Maccabi Haifa (Israel)

Man Spears (Latvia) VS Zurich (Switzerland)

Copenhagen (Denmark) VS Apollo (Cyprus)

Levski Sofia (Bulgaria) VS Deb Leicen (Hungary)



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