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I'm Ada2010-01-23 07:01:35 +0000 #1
on behalf of a State U21 team also played the national team appearance on behalf of other adults do?
I came to the Hun Fan2010-01-23 07:09:34 +0000 #2
According to "Reuters" report, there will be more players can be played on behalf of the national team the opportunity to race, all because of a resolution of FIFA , in the FIFA ballot after the election, FIFA decided to abolish the age limit for players to change nationality.

Prior to FIFA's rule requiring players under 21 years of age with dual nationality and has spoken on behalf of a country's youth team to participate in formal competitions, and only after 21 years of age in order to change nationality, on behalf of the other national team competitions. But now the conventions have been broken, the proponent is the Algerian Football Federation. In the vote, 58% of the Football Association said the agreement, which gives players more opportunities for international competitions expeditions.

However, the resolution does not affect the appearance on behalf of the adult national team after the national team is no longer an appearance on behalf of other rules of the game. The reason why the Algerian Football Federation made the agenda, because they hope that more young people playing in Europe to return to the motherland and for the effectiveness of their own countries, because Africa has many countries, the existence of such circumstances, so a move supported by the African FA support.

Following the adoption of this resolution, Algeria, to allow more players to serve China, in particular young people all year round play in France, and Algeria is currently playing for Lazio most want to be able to wear the Meghni Algeria shirt has a French nationality Meghni once represented France U17/U21 team play, now he can return to the motherland.

From this should be possible, and FIFA's new rules




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